Because free is one of my favorite four letter words, I like to give stories away for free on occasion. Happy reading!

rehab cover alternate_jpgRehab (December 10, 2014 from Radiodemon Publishing)

An accident forces Lila into physical therapy – and onto Dean’s massage table. Under his talented hands, her injuries start to heal, and sparks a desire that neither one can ignore.

A 6,700 erotic short story

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RUN AmandaKByrne eCoverRun (May 19, 2015 from Radiodemon Publishing)

Love will always chase you down.

McKenna thought she knew what she was getting when she walked into the bar: a one-night stand. Sweat, tangled limbs, a mindless rush of hormones. The perfect distraction from her problems.

She didn’t expect Trevor.

Trying to escape a tragedy that rocked her life three years ago, McKenna finds Trevor’s everything she wants – and needs. He’s convinced her to stop running and face her demons. But can she convince him they’ve got a chance?

Run is over on Wattpad. Click here to get started.

Touch: Awakening (September 20, 2015 from Radiodemon Publishing)

The first touch burns. The second one will change her life.

In the future, humans will never see each other face to face. Technology will facilitate all interactions, from emails to spoken conversations to a hike up a tree-lined mountain. They’ll rely on machines to provide them with their basic needs and favorite indulgences, and they’ll never know another person’s touch.

This is the world Alexis is born into.

A grad student slated to become impregnated in a few months’ time, Lexi’s been struggling with her wild and reckless thoughts. Why aren’t they allowed to question the Government’s decisions? What if her friend, Parker, is right, and the pill regimen they’re on deadens their sense of touch? And why does her heart stop and her chest squeeze whenever she’s around Drew?

Drew’s a dangerous man. He asks the questions she’s afraid to voice and makes her think. Makes her wonder. Makes her yearn. He promises to help her find the answers, the two of them fumbling toward something they don’t understand.

The first touch is painful, the second one less so. Each one awakens feelings Lexi has no words for, until she craves Drew like an addict needing a fix. As they discover what the Government has kept from them all their lives, they fight to find a way to have it all – even as it threatens to destroy them forever.

Touch: Awakening is my entry in Harlequin’s 2015 So You Think You Can Write contest, posted over on Wattpad. Click here to get started.