First Monday: May 2016

Is it really May already? It seems like just yesterday I was still trying to recover from my trip to Ireland.

April was another busy month. Galley proofs for Game of Vengeance have been turned in. We’re a little over two months away to the release of Game of Shadows, and I’ll be sending out review copies to a few select reviewers. Reviewers: if you’re interested in reviewing Game of Shadows, check NetGalley under Kensington. It should go up for reviewers within another week or so. I have a very limited amount of copies I’m allowed to send out on my own, so if you contact me directly for a copy, it’s likely you won’t get one from me.

That just leaves Game of Lies, and we’re at the end of Cass and Nick’s story. I haven’t started edits yet (crossing my fingers that’s happening soon), but it’s been a long, often tiring road. I’m thrilled y’all are going to get to meet Cass. I heart her. I heart her so hard.

Sultry has been sent off for copy edits! The release date for the Nola Naughty Nine is tentatively set for August 15th. Once the cover’s been finalized and pre-order links are available, newsletter subscribers will get the dirt first (which means you should sign up for my newsletter 🙂 )

I’ve been making slow progress on a couple of stories with the hopes one will be finished and polished by about August, when I have to switch over to Learning Curve. Paul and Marie’s story is starting to take shape in my head…well, more than it was. I’ve always had the basic idea of how it would play out, but I’m starting to add in the details at this point. The stumbling block will be, as always, making it interesting for 70,000+ words. Of all the sub-genres I write, contemporary is the most difficult. I can’t just throw a dead body or a car chase or something in there to make things interesting. There’s a possibility (albeit a small one) that Declan may put in a cameo in Learning Curve, but only if it fits with the flow of the story. It may not. I’ll have to see.

With work on the Game of Shadows trilogy coming to an end and the Seattle International Film Festival starting up mid-month, I don’t anticipate getting a lot of work done on other projects this month, and that’s okay. Or I’m working on being okay with that. I stopped work on one project because I’d managed to talk myself into thinking it wasn’t original enough for a publisher to want it, so I switched projects. The new one isn’t flowing as easily as the old one, but I’m still chugging along. If neither are finished by August, I’ll just have to adjust my plans. *tries not to panic*

Enjoy your May, my lovelies, and try not to let the pollen kill you with tiny knives.

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