Review: Dirty by Kylie Scott


We first met Vaughan in Deep, the last book of Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series. And from the moment he tried to hit on Lizzy, I hoped he’d get his own book. So there was much cheering when I heard Dirty would feature Vaughan. Hot ginger guitar player? Yasssss.

Lydia’s moments away from walking down the aisle when she’s sent a video of her fiancee having sex…with his best friend. Turns out his sexuality is Coeur D’Alene’s worst kept secret. Horrified, she jumps the fence (literally) and takes refuge in the bathroom of the house next door, which just so happens to belong to one hot ginger (former) guitar player.

At first, Vaughan’s none too pleased to find Lydia crying in his bathtub, but after a conversation that involved quite a bit of ogling her boobs, they come to an agreement: she’ll help him get his house ready to sell, he’ll give her a place to stay until she figures out where to go next, and in between they’ll indulge in some nooky. Still hurt and reeling from her fiancee’s betrayal, Lydia doesn’t think it’s possible she could fall for Vaughan in such a short period of time.

Yeah, right.dirty kylie

This being a Kylie Scott book, there’s banter galore. I had a huge grin on my face through most of the book, and I couldn’t stop snickering and snort-laughing. I love how normal her heroines are (Lena’s still my favorite. I want to fight over the last slice of pie with her) and Lydia is no different. She’s self-conscious about her body, but not to the point she lets it get in the way of enjoying life. She knows she needs a new plan, and takes steps to implement it. Best of all, she doesn’t let all the whispers and looks chase her out of the town she’s starting to think of as her home.

I liked the glimpses of Vaughan we got in Deep, and I loved getting to know him better here. His chemistry with Lydia was awesome, and the two of them together were fun and funny and oh-so-sexy. At times he comes off a little too perfect, but that didn’t detract from my favorite part.

His band failed.

I know, that sounds harsh. But there are so many rock star books out there about famous billionaire rockers, and reading about a musician who couldn’t quite make it despite his talent was refreshing. Bands can spend years trying to get noticed, and when they do, it doesn’t always keep them in the spotlight. Some of them move on to other things, some keep trying, like Vaughan. Kudos to Kylie for bringing that reality to the forefront in Dirty.

There’s some heavy drama brewing for Vaughan’s sister Nell (plus a shitton of unresolved sexual and romantic tension) and I’m super curious about Joe, the bearded bartending wonder. While we have to wait and see what happens with Nell, we get Joe next, and I’m definitely going back for more at Dive Bar.

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Copy of Dirty provided by the publisher.

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