Reading List as of March 28th

I’ve been trying to be better about using Goodreads to track the books I’ve read, but that didn’t really help this month. I think part of it was because March turned out to be far busier than I had anticipated, so I didn’t read nearly as much as I normally do. Though I did discover that Netflix has The West Wing available on instant (it wasn’t there when I checked about a month ago) so I’ve been binging on episodes. No one does dialogue quite like Aaron Sorkin. And I do mean no one. Joss Whedon, Amy Sherman-Palladino (of Gilmore Girls) and the writers of both The OC and Veronica Mars know how to write, but Sorkin…he knows how to write. And he’s got a bunch of Emmys and Oscars to prove it.


When I wasn’t schooling myself in Sorkinese, I read review books. March ended up being review book after review book. For the most part, they were good books. Holly Jenning’s Arena was engaging and fast-paced; look for a review over at My Bookish Ways soon (releases April 5th). I snagged a review copy of Shelly Laurenston’s The Undoing, the second book in her Call of Crows series. I’m convinced that both Jace AND Ski are my spirit animals. Jace is a Crow, chosen by Skuld and bestowed with a berserker rage that feeds off her lingering anger at her now ex-husband for killing her and burying her. Danski “Ski” is a Protector, one of the human Clans blessed with owl-like attributes: wings, deadly prey instincts, fantastic eyesight and the ability to turn his head not quite all the way around, but close. He wants Jace, but she keeps turning him down, to the point where she actually runs away from him at one point.

Did I mention I love Jace? I do. She gets me.

The Crows didn’t quite succeed in banishing Gullveig from this plane of existence, so now it’s up to them, with the help of the Ravens and the Protectors, to figure out how to do it this time so it sticks. Human sacrifices and rituals are up, collaboration between Clans is down, and this book had me smiling the whole goddamn time. Jace isn’t big on talking, and neither is Ski. The both love books. All the Protectors love books. There are quite a few funny moments involving the Protectors and books. If you’re looking for series, this is not the book for you. It’s like Laurenston can only take so much heavy stuff before she needs to throw something off-kilter and kooky in to lighten the mood. Like, oh, a pit bull with wings. That’s dragging a skeleton around, while her owner (Kera) is yelling at her to drop it. The Call of Crows series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see which Crow is up next. I’m hoping for Erin.

I took Perfidia by James Ellroy on vacation with me, figuring a week would be enough time to finish it. Ah, no. Not quite. Over a month later, I’m still about a hundred pages from the end. The Japanese have just bombed Pearl Harbor, and LAPD is collaborating with the Feds to round up all the Japanese and Japanese-Americans and send them to internment camps. A Japanese family is murdered in what looks like a ritual murder-suicide, and one man is determined to prevent the Reds from infiltrating his city. It’s four characters’ stories, interweaving and overlapping to give a sprawling picture of corruption and paranoia in the early days of the war.

You can’t read Ellroy quickly. It’s just not possible. He’s either brilliant, or a terrible writer, or possibly both, but while you’re reading you can’t really figure out which, and by the end, it doesn’t matter. Once I finish, there’ll be a review on My Bookish Ways.

April will be mostly free of review books, I hope. Though I do have a copy of Kylie Scott’s Dirty on my Kindle…but that shouldn’t count. I’d read it anyway.

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