First Monday: February 2016

I am cold. As I’m writing this, it’s late Sunday afternoon, and the BF just started the fire (we use a wood stove to heat the house. It’s quite lovely). Unfortunately, that means the house is a bit on the chilly side. I’m contemplating a second cup of hot chocolate, despite having had one earlier today.

January was less stressful than the last couple of months have been. Broken Down is now in the hands of a few reviewers, and I’ve booked a blog tour for release week. Reviewers, just an FYI – there will be fewer review copies available. It will be on NetGalley later this month (I’ll post the link once it goes live), but for the most part, review copies have gone out. As for the book itself, there’s some fine tuning to do on the formatting (both print and ebook), and I need to get the print cover taken care of, but other than that, I’m done until it’s time to start working on promo.

Speaking of print copies, the print version of Fracture is now available! The print version of Hidden Scars should be available in the next week or so, too. Everything’s ready, I just need to make a couple of tweaks and put it up for sale.

Game of Shadows is…almost done? I think? The final files need to be to the publisher in another week. I’m not positive, but I believe that means once they’re turned in (I’m doing galley proofing now), the book is off my plate until release day. I’ve started edits for Game of Vengeance, which has gone live on Goodreads and is up for pre-order on Amazon. And the first draft of Game of Lies is done! I’ve begun revisions in preparation for turning it over to my editor in March, but the hardest part is over. For me, revising is always way, way easier (and less time consuming) than the drafting stage, and I’m so glad to be moving on.

And in more new book news, because I apparently don’t have enough to do, I’ll have a short novella in an anthology, releasing later this year. More details when I have them, but I’m looking forward to this story (when I don’t want to tear my hair out). I’m genderflipping the whole “innocent virgin heroine asks the alpha player hero to take her virginity.” The hero is nerdy and awkward and a little shy, and I adore him already.

That novella brings my 2016 releases to five. Five, y’all. I know. I don’t know how I have a life, either. 2017 is shaping up to be slower, with only three releases planned, one of which is a novella. Hooray for short books!

Speaking of a life, the BF and I were social this weekend! A dinner party at a friend’s on Saturday, followed by time at the shooting range on Sunday. I’ve never even held a gun before this weekend, and within an hour, I’d shot a .22 Ruger, a .45, a .22 rifle, and a .38. The .38 was far and away the most fun. The .45 was too big for my hand, and while the rifle was fun in theory, it was cumbersome to use. Rifles aren’t made for people with short arms. The BF had a good time as well, and we may even *gasp* go back!

February should be an interesting month. We’re going on vacation (no laptop!) so I’m trying to cram in as much work on the edits and revisions before we leave, as well as some new words on the anthology story. This is where my planning skills will really come into play. We’ll see how everything shakes out. Happy February, my lovelies!


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