First Monday: January 2016

Happy New Year! I trust everyone made it through the festivities without too many problems? The BF and I went on our semi-annual date (we joke that the only times we go out anymore are for our anniversary and New Year’s…except it’s not really a joke because it’s basically true). Dinner at West City Kitchen in West Seattle (if you’re a Seattle-area person, check them out, they’re on California about two blocks south of PCC and absolutely delicious) and then to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Did the movie live up to expectations? Weeellll…it depends on what your expectations are. If you’re looking for better effects than in the prequels, then yes, it absolutely does and is best viewed on the big screen. But the story itself did not live up to the hype, and I’m glad I didn’t fight the crowds to see it opening weekend. Also, BB8 is kind of adorable. Now. Can someone tell me if there will be ewoks in either of the remaining movies? I need me some ewoks. (Shut up. They’re cute.)

December was the culmination of ALL THE STRESS. I am ever so grateful the day job was slow in the final weeks of the year, because if it hadn’t been, I might have decided to drown myself in a bottle of gin. For several weeks, I was working on all three books in the Game of Shadows trilogy: content edits, revisions, and drafting. Books one and two are turned in for their respective checkpoints, leaving me free to work on the first draft of book three. I’ve passed the halfway point – about eight more chapters to go before draft one is done. Then I can squeeze in some time on something new!

Speaking of done, Run is now available! It’s an Amazon exclusive, and you can get it here. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s free to read. If you’re not, it’s only a buck. You can still read it over on Wattpad, too. I hadn’t been checking in with Wattpad regularly until about a week and a half ago when I discovered that people are actually finding, reading, and liking Run. It’s at about 3.5k reads and growing, slow and steady. In more Wattpad news, Touch: Awakening is a featured story!

When I posted Run to Wattpad, I had hopes that it might garner me some more readers. Eight months later, I don’t think it has, at least not in the paying sense. But I discovered something else…it’s kind of fun. And it’s a great way to try out new and old stories that I love but didn’t know what to do with. There’s something liberating about writing a story or a chapter, doing a round of revisions (or not) and slapping it up there for public consumption. Since I’m not charging anything for these stories, I don’t feel guilty if there are typos or small bits of ridiculousness. I’ll be continuing Lex and Drew’s story over there – I’d originally imagined Touch as a three or four part novella series, and as I have time, I’ll be posting the rest of the parts there. And Not About Love will finally see the light of day! It’s one of my first stories (I think it was the…fifth? Fifth story I ever wrote. Or maybe the fourth. Not sure) and it’s such a fun, snarky story. I have a New Adult story that I may post there, too, if I ever manage to finish it.

I’ve been enjoying some more downtime now that I’ve got some work off my plate. Run is done, I’ve finalized and submitted the formatted print copies of both Hidden Scars and Fracture, and I’m almost done with the formatting for The Perfect Man, releasing at the end of this month. I had time to clean! The house was looking pretty grubby. Now it’s shiny!

I’m hopeful that at least part of January will be slower and less stressful than December. Hope your 2016 started off on the right foot, and even if it didn’t, well, it’s only the 4th. There’s still plenty of time.

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