First Monday: November 2015

It’s Day Two of NaNoWriMo! Anyone participating this year? If you are, go you! Make sure you stock up on wine, microwave dinners (your family will thank you for it), and painkillers for those headaches you’ll get. Trust me. As a veteran of this particular battle, you’ll need them.

I think, by the time I reach the end of November, October will look lazy in comparison. In the last week of October, I got both content edits for Game of Shadows and copy edits for Broken Down back from the respective editors. I’ve got short turn around times on both, but I made some decent headway over the weekend, and I think I can pull it off.

I had a moment late last week where no amount of to-do lists and organizing could keep me from feeling overwhelmed. And you know what? That happens on occasion. In this instance, it was realizing I had no fewer than five projects that needed work, three of which absolutely needed to be done by a specific time, with a sixth lurking in the background, taunting me, and projects seven, eight, and nine sorta kinda waiting patiently for my attention.

Yes, you read that correctly. Nine projects: Game of Shadows, Broken Down, GoS book 2, Hidden Scars, The Perfect Man, GoS book 3, Impulse Control, Run, and a WIP that has a title but I don’t really want to talk about just yet.

So maybe now’s a good time for a few updates?

  • I managed to finish the major revisions on The Perfect Man over the weekend. One more run through, and then it’ll go up for pre-order. Release date is set for January 26, 2016!
  • Hidden Scars is getting closer to being in print – like an actual book, with pages and everything. After a couple of missteps with the initial print formatting, I think I’ve got the kinks ironed out. Right now I’m running through the template to make sure it looks as it should. Crossing my fingers the print version will be available by December. My hope is that once this template is set up, I’ll be able to use it for future print books, which means if I’m really lucky, the print version of Fracture will also be available sometime in December.
  • The first draft of Impulse Control is in the hands of beta readers now! I’m pretty damn pleased with how the story turned out. It’s what I’m coming to think of as my signature style: sweet, snarky, and plenty sexy (it is an erotic romance, after all). I’m still trying to decide what to do with it (go out on sub vs. self-publish). I figure once it’s polished, I’ll make my decision, though I’m leaning toward submitting it to a couple of publishers, or possibly querying agents.
  • Run may be delayed until after the first of the year. It’s already gone through one round of revisions (done before each chapter went up on Wattpad), but I’d like to do another, and with all of the work I’ve mentioned above, plus the needed work on the Game of Shadows trilogy, it may end up being back-burnered.

That was one of the things that led to some serious penguin-flapping on my part – the understanding that to finish what must be done, I’d have to put off the things I want to do. And that’s something I never like doing. It particularly sucks when it comes to the WIP. The idea well had dried temporarily over the summer, while The Blacklist was on summer hiatus. Then it filled to overflowing and reminded me why I’d started that story in the first place: Liz and Tom and their twisted-yet-loving relationship. I mean, seriously. You watch that from the beginning of last season and how it changed over the course of the year, and then coming into this season? It’s a plot bunny of epic proportions, and it’s just bouncing around all over the place, trying to find a way out. Every so often I’ll sneak in some words – a few hundred here, a thousand there – but the bulk of it won’t be finished for some time. The intent for this particular project is to query agents, not publishers, when it’s done.

I’m hoping that things will calm down a bit after the first of the year and allow me to work on some things I want to work on – the WIP, for one, along with a Christmas novella and Learning Curve, the third book in the Hidden Scars series.

It rained most of the weekend, giving me the excuse I needed to stay inside and get a lot of work done. But I need to put in some serious yard time. We’re expecting a drier and warmer than usual winter, which is good news in a way – I don’t have to fight the elements to clear out my flower beds and prep them for spring. You should see one of them. It’s covered in dead leaves (it sits under a stand of birch trees), and there’s weeds and grass popping up all over. It’s gross.

Happy November, my lovelies, and if you’re NaNo-ing, remember to take a break every so often. Your butt will thank you for it.

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