Review: Nalini Singh’s ROCK REDEMPTION


Kit Devigny’s worked her ass off to get where she’s at. Years of auditions and a stint on a soap opera finally landed her the breakthrough role she’d be waiting for, and she did it all without using her parents’ fame or money. She’s confident if she continues to work hard, she’ll get what she’s after.

Except Noah St. John.

Their friendship was too intense, too passionate to remain platonic for long. Just when Kit thinks they’re about to finally take the next step, Noah rips her heart out – on purpose.

Two years later, he’s back, and he’s determined to keep her as a friend. He’s too damaged to give her what she wants, but when a pap snaps a series of compromising photos of the two of them, Noah learns he’ll have to play the devoted boyfriend to save Kit’s career. He can give her this. He’ll do anything for her.

Trouble is, he’s starting to wish he didn’t have to keep his hands to himself.rock redemption cover

After a (really hot) side trip into the world of rugby with Rock Hard, Nalini Singh picks up the stories of Schoolboy Choir with Rock Redemption. And this is classic Nalini: full of feels and growth and tension of all kinds.

Kit and Noah might as well have been a couple before Noah hurt Kit. The level of emotional intimacy between them was probably staggering, given how deep and complex it is in Redemption. Despite the pain he caused her, and still causes her, Kit’s unable to give up on Noah completely. She willingly lets him lean on her when it gets too tough, but Noah’s careful not to abuse the privilege.

And Kit’s no pushover, either. There’s no half-hearted attempts at getting over Noah, and she walks away from him. More than once. Dude deserved it. I mean, I get it – he’s carrying around a heavy, shameful secret, and he’s worried that if Kit ever finds out, she’ll think less of him. While he tries not to let his baggage weigh Kit down, sometimes I wanted to shake him, because it was quite obvious that above all else, Kit’s compassionate. She would have listened without judgement.

Singh’s been doing the slow burn in her books lately (the last two books in both the Guild Hunter and Psy-Changeling series were all smolder until at least the halfway point, and then by the 3/4 mark they just…explode) and she’s carried the trend to Rock Redemption. It was a smart move, and a necessary one. Kit and Noah’s relationship needed to be repaired before they could move forward. Allowing them to make their way back to one another in a way that was familiar to them deepened their emotional connection, and the payoff was worth it. You come away knowing that there’s still demons to fight and hills to climb, but this time around, Noah’s not pushing Kit away so he can do it all on his own.

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Copy of Rock Redemption provided by the author in exchange for review.

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