First Monday: September 2015

Happy Labor Day! I hope you aren’t laboring away. Or if you are, it’s on something fun.

August was an interesting month. I honestly don’t remember a lot of it, for some reason. It’s kind of a blur. There was some prep work for Game of Shadows and the first round of revisions on Broken Down. Lots of review books. The BF and I celebrated anniversary number nine with Hawaiian fried chicken, which was delicious. I actually went to the movies! First time in a few months, and I saw the new Mission: Impossible movie. Nothing beats the original, but at least this one didn’t have Tom Cruise hanging off the side of the tallest building in the world.

Last weekend’s pretty clear, though. A storm blew in and knocked out power to half a million homes (ours wasn’t one of them). The nasty weather made it possible to get quite a bit of work done, guilt-free. I finished roughing out the formatting for the print version of Hidden Scars. I also finished another chapter of Impulse Control and made some serious headway on revisions for a story I’m considering entering in a contest. Although I should say at this point, it’s less considering and more it’ll happen. The caveat being I finish revisions by the deadline. Last weekend ended up being super productive be default.

This Labor Day weekend, though, has been super productive by design. The biggest item on my to-do list was to finalize the ebook file for Hidden Scars. I finished that yesterday and uploaded it to all vendors, and I’m so frickin’ glad to cross that off my list. All that’s left for the launch is the promo stuff. I also managed to finish another chapter of Impulse Control and start a third – at this point, there’s only five chapters left until the end. I can see the ending so clearly it’s driving me nuts not to push through and finish it off.

Unfortunately, I’ve got the last round of revisions for Broken Down to take care of first, and that contest deadline to think about. Priorities. I has them. Even though I’m kinda mad at them. I also snuck in a couple hundred new words on a Christmas novella I’d started a while ago and never moved forward on. But don’t tell anyone.

The storm brought the fall weather to the great PNW. The grass is starting to turn green again, and weeds are popping up once more. I had six items on my super productive to-do list for this weekend, and I’ve managed three. While I’d love to knock off all six (and I likely could, because the other three items aren’t hugely time consuming), I probably ought to be a good little homeowner and spend some time cleaning up the weeds.

In the meantime, I’m going back to my list and getting started on item number four – revising a chapter for the contest story.

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