Release Day: RUN

I know, another new story? Didn’t Fracture release only a month ago? Pfft. Whatever. New stories are awesome! Without further ado, here is my absolutely gorgeous cover for Run, designed by Crystal Raine – RaineyCloud9!

RUN by AmandaKByrne eCover created by RaineyCloud9

McKenna thought she knew what she was getting when she walked into the bar: a one-night stand. Sweat, tangled limbs, a mindless rush of hormones. The perfect distraction from her problems.

She didn’t expect Trevor.

Trying to escape a tragedy that rocked her life three years ago, McKenna finds Trevor’s everything she wants – and needs. He’s convinced her to stop running and face her demons. But can she convince him they’ve got a chance?

I love McKenna and Trevor, and I hope you will, too. Their story is a lot more indicative of my usual work – sweet, snarky, and plenty sexy. This series will run over on Wattpad through the summer. You can read chapter one here. Happy reading!

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