First Monday: May 2015

Ah, May…the most hated month of the year. For me, May means less writing time. The day job picks up (boo!) and the Seattle International Film Festival starts around the middle of the month (yay!). So while I might be getting in fewer hours in front of the laptop, at least I’ll be spending a couple of those hours doing something I enjoy.

Fracture is now available! Print copies are going to take longer than I’d expected, mostly because I’m lazy. But now that the bulk of the work is over, I’m shifting focus to a couple of different projects.

First up is Hidden Scars, which will be releasing in September. I’ve started edits, and, barring any major issues, it should be ready to go to the copy editor in June. I’ve been enjoying getting back into Sara and Taylor’s story, and I’m hoping it’ll give me some juice to finish up the first draft of Broken Down. Hidden Scars is much more indicative of my usual fare – sweet, snarky, and verra sexy. Getting back into their heads really highlighted how much of a departure Fracture was for me. I think Hidden Scars will appeal to a wider audience, though; if you like the angsty-ness of New Adult, there’s a good helping of it in Hidden Scars.

I’ve been carving out time (that I probably don’t have) to work on the rewrite of Impulse Control. If you’re a Lit reader, you might remember the story of Jane and Logan and how they went from being roommates to more than roommates. In the ranking of my characters, they’re pretty high up there, and I’m excited to eventually get to share their story with you. But if you’re familiar with the original story, expect some major changes. The basic premise is still the same, and the major issues keeping them apart are still basically the same. But when I call this a rewrite, I mean just that – it’s a rewrite. I’ve expanded and changed a number of things in the overall plot, making it stronger and less…ridiculous. By the time it’s finished, I think it’s going to be a much better story than it was. Because I can’t make it a priority, the timeline for finishing the first draft is a couple of months at least. And this time around, I’ll be looking for an additional beta reader or two in addition to my CP. If you’ve read the original story and are interested in giving me feedback on the new version, shoot me an email at authoramandakbyrne(at)gmail(dot)com. Please keep in mind it likely won’t be ready for comments until August at the earliest.

I’ve been playing around on Wattpad recently. I’d posted the first chapter of Fracture a few months ago but never took the time to explore the site thoroughly. Wow. I’ve gotta say, there’s a ton of stuff on there. I’ve poked around some of the romances, and I plan to make some time to check out some of the other genres. Some of the stories are very rough, others have more polish. I have a plot totoro bumping around in my head that I may test out on Wattpad. It’s vastly different from anything I’ve ever written, pulling in elements I’m not entirely certain I’m comfortable with. Wattpad seems like it might be a good place to test out reader reaction and work those elements into a story in a way that I am comfortable with.

There’ve been some other writing developments I can’t quite talk about yet, for   various reasons (she says teasingly). All in due time, my lovelies, all in due time. The sun was out this weekend! Some old friends were in town visiting, and I spent a couple of hours catching up with them. Then I spent some time weeding the hard way (too much grasping and pulling) and my hands are a bit stiff and sore. But my flower beds are clear and ready for dahlia tubers. We’re on track to have a gorgeous summer here in the birthplace of grunge, sunny, warm (possibly hot), full of pretty flowers and barbecue.

That’s it for me. Have a fab Monday!


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