Review: Joanna Wylde’s SILVER BASTARD

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Five years ago, Puck celebrated his release from prison with a lot of beer and some wicked hot sex with the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seen. By the end of the night, he’d violated his parole for her and taken her from the only life she’s ever known

Becca’s fought her fear – and attraction – to Puck ever since the Silver Bastards brought her north to Callup, Idaho. She’s made a decent life for herself, graduating high school, making friends, working her way through beauty school. And avoiding Puck whenever possible.

The connection they share is too strong to ignore, and after a series of events have them continually crossing paths, they give in. But Becca’s learned a lot in the last five years, and she’s not about to let Puck control her. She’ll take care of herself, even if it means losing him for good.

Chelsea of Vampire Book Club tweeted a bit ago that Silver Bastard was now her favorite, and I had to ask – was it better than Devil’s Game? Good enough to knock that from the top spot? She said yes, and she was almost right.

Becca’s grown up in the life, so she knows what to expect when it comes to dating a biker. Or so she thinks. What she knows and what’s the reality are two different things, and it takes her a while to figure it out and accept it. That doesn’t mean she just rolls over and lets Puck have his silver bastard coverway. She still fights him every step of the way, determined to hang on to the independence she worked her ass off for. Her view of what it means to be his property and what it actually means causes some serious rifts between them.

Puck, once he mans up and claims Becca, finds he’s got a hell of a lot more on his hands than he’d bargained for. Becca’s not pliant. Nope. Nothing he says will convince her becoming his property is the best thing for both of them – she needs to see it in action.

Becca’s different from the previous heroines, but she’s kind of the same, too. Like Em (Picnic’s daughter), she grew up in the life, which sets her apart from the others. But her resistance to getting involved with Puck and all that it entails is too similar to Marie, London, and Sophie. I want to see something different from Wylde’s heroines.

Seeing how the club interacts with the citizens of Callup and getting a better, broader view of what they do for the area was awesome. They’re very much involved with the miners and the Laughing Tess silver mine, aware of how much it’s needed for the economy of their little town. While there is some inter-club happenings, the whole of the club appears focused on how to keep the Laughing Tess a viable workplace. It was an interesting tangent, and I loved how it was woven into the overall story.

There’s action, and sex (hooboy is there sex), and a guy trying to do what he believes is the right thing for the woman he wants – until he realizes she’s just doing her best to ignore what she wants. The only reason Silver Bastard didn’t knock Devil’s Game out of the favorite slot is because I liked Hunter better than Puck…but even that’s by a pretty slim margin.

A fabulous start to a new series, and I’m impatiently awaiting the next installment in the Silver Valley series.

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Copy of Silver Bastard provided by the publisher/TRSOR in exchange for a review.


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