First Monday, April 2015 edition

I’ve decided to change up the First Monday posts, partly because I felt bad giving readers a sneak peek at a story that may never be published (see Not About Love). Michelle Sagara, who writes the Chronicles of Elantra series, posts a semi-regular monthly post called State of the Author, where she updates readers on whatever books are in progress, where she’s at in the process of writing/editing/etc, and just in general what’s happening in her life. I rather like the idea – if you’re not a blog subscriber, you know you can check back on the first Monday of every month for an update.

So what’s up with the writing?

Fracture is about as ready to go as I can make it at this point. Final copies have been uploaded to all four vendors. Fingers crossed the formatting looks good and the links in the backmatter all work. I’ve tested it on the Adobe E-pub previewer and my Kindle, but…you never know. I hate that not knowing, but not enough to go out and buy a Nook, iPad, and a Kobo reader. That would require some serious anal tendencies and for me to get over my dislike of all things Apple.

The blog tour’s set, I’ve sent out review copies, and Fracture is available for reviewers on NetGalley starting today! Woohoo! All that’s left is formatting for print, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to pay someone to do it for me or if I want to slog through the CreateSpace tutorial and do it myself. To further complicate matters, I did my copy edits in Sigil…which I will never do again. The reason I’d done them there is because I didn’t get the copy edited version back until after I needed to start sending out ARCs. I didn’t want to have to format the book a second time, so copy edits ended up being done in Sigil instead of the original Word document. I haven’t looked at the CreateSpace requirements – I don’t know if I can take an epub version and convert from there, or if it needs to be a PDF…and that would require even more formatting, because the paragraph indents in the epub are smaller than a tab indent. I’ll figure it out, but it might take an extra week or two. Print books are nice and pretty to look at, but at the end of the day, I won’t make much money from them – they’re mostly for giveaways and those members of my family who don’t have e-reader devices (i.e. my grandmother, who probably shouldn’t read the book anyway).

I’m making slow but steady progress on Broken Down. Some chapters have been easier to write than others. If you’re curious about Broken Down, you’ll meet the heroine in Hidden Scars. I don’t want to say much more about either story at this point, because my focus is on Fracture at the moment, but I do have a release date for Hidden Scars, and if you buy Fracture, I’ve included the first chapter at the end of the book. And despite the angsty title, Hidden Scars and Broken Down are not New Adult. All the characters are firmly in the Adult category. They’ve been on their own for a while, graduate college several years ago, and one of them even owns a house (Sara of Hidden Scars). Angst is not exclusive to New Adult. Just sayin’. Though I think the stories will appeal to people who like the angsty-ness of New Adult, because there’s plenty of angst. Way more than I’d normally put in a story (which is still not a lot). Want to know when Hidden Scars will release? Sign up for my newsletter! It’s even more infrequent than these blog posts!

What else…I’ve got a few ideas percolating, and I knocked out the first chapter of a plot bunny just to get it out of my head. I’m nearing the end of my review book obligations. April is the last month where I’ve got a large number of books to review, with next month comparatively barren. I’m looking forward to it and diving back into library books and my TBR jar.

Spring came early to the Pacific Northwest, and the BF and I have spent the past couple of weekends pulling weeds. I even planted shit! Not actual shit, just a couple of gladiola and ranunculus bulbs. I’m excited to see how they bloom. Our front yard ends in a bulkhead, held up by old railroad ties, and it is covered in weeds and grasses. I’ve been pulling that for three weekends in a row, and I’m still not done.

That’s it for me. Editor Kitteh is telling me to stop blogging and get back to actual work. Or pet her. One of the two. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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