Review: Kylie Scott’s DEEP

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From the moment she sees him, Lizzie Rollins wants Ben Nicholson. Which sucks, because her older sister, Anne, is Mal’s girlfriend, and Mal’s adopted Liz as his little sister…putting Liz off-limits for Ben.

Liz and Ben try to play by the rules that have been set for them, but one night in Vegas, they break them all. The morning after starts with Liz kicking Ben out and determined to move past him.

Then she finds out she’s pregnant, and everything changes. Ben wants things to stay the way they were, with the two of them pretending to be friends. Liz wants what her sister, Ev, and Lena all have – her own rock star to love. Getting along for the baby’s sake is going to hurt. Big time.

Deep is the final (maybe?) installment in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, and it’s as fun and refreshing as the others. Lizzie’s what I’ve come to think of as a typical Stage Dive heroine, smart, funny, and self-deprecating enough you want to make her your new best friend. She fits in with Ev, deepAnne, and Lena, and my heart was crushed right along with Liz’s every time Ben made an overture, only to back off.

I wanted to hit Ben. Quite often, in fact. I loved their text conversations – they were silly and fun. But throughout the series, Ben’s been the band member we’ve known the least about, and unfortunately, by the end of the book, I still didn’t feel like I knew him any better. It was the one major issue I had with the story – finally we were going to get in Ben’s head! But…no, not so much.

Most of the story focuses on Liz and her attempts to wrangle her feelings for him, trying to decide if she’s strong enough to move past him or if she should keep poking at his defenses. A weaker character wouldn’t have been able to carry so much of the story, but Liz does, and she does it with style.

There are glimpses into what the other couples are up to, which left me wanting more Jimmy and Lena time (there has to be more Jimmy and Lena. THERE HAS TO). Deep is a great end to the story arc and if it has to be the end of the series, consider me satisfied. Except…can we have Vaughan’s story now? Please?

Copy of Deep provided by the publisher in exchange for review.

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