Housekeeping bits ‘n pieces

Just a couple quick things:

1) The first chapter of Fracture is up on Wattpad! Why did I post it after the piracy debacle? Couple reasons: it’s only one chapter, I have control over when it goes up and when it comes down (it will be coming down after the book is released), and as a relatively unknown author, giving readers a chance to read my work without having to buy it first can take some of the risk out of buying a book from a new author. Sometimes those debut books just aren’t worth the money we spend on them. I think it is, but I realize not everyone will take my word for it. So. Go, read, and pre-order!

2) Did you know I have a newsletter? I do. It’s brand spankin’ new, and it will be very, very infrequent. Subscribers will get all the news first before it hits the blog or Facebook, so if you want the skinny on release dates, deals, pre-order-y goodness, and exclusive content, sign up here.

3) Are you a blogger or reviewer? There’s still time to sign up for the Fracture blog tour. Only twenty spots available. ARCs are also available at this time! Reviewers only – contact me with your request and where I can find your reviews.

I leave you with the New Zealand rugby team performing the haka. In the rain. Because your Wednesday needs this.

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