Reading List as of…ah, screw it

sea change (n) – a profound or notable transformation

I’m totally reaching here – this is not a sea change. It’s not notable in any way. I just like the definition.

But things are changing here at Byrne After Reading. It’ll be a gradual one, so gradual you likely won’t notice it for a few months. And it has to do with books.

I love reading. I love reading. I am a reader first, an author second, because reading is what fuels that creativity and makes the writing better (so if you’re not taking the time to read, you’re an idiot. Particularly if you’re not reading within the genre you’re writing. But I digress.)

February was, all in all, a pretty terrible month for reading. Until this past weekend, I hadn’t read a single book that wasn’t a) a RITA book (and therefore required) or b) a review book. I got so sick of reading the stuff I was supposed to read that I completely shirked my reading duties and devoured most of the Beautiful Bastard series and the first three books of the One Week Girlfriend quartet.

And that’s not to say that some of those review books weren’t worth my time. I got to read the new Others book (Vision in Silver, out March 3rd) and do a dual review with fellow VBCer, Amy. Getting to squee over a new book before everyone else can is kind of like being part of a secret club, and it was fun. I loved trading emails with her and ‘shipping Meg and Simon (look for the review to post sometime next week).

But that required reading is starting to wear on me – and it does feel required after a while. It’s not as fun any more. Plus, this blog is supposed to be about me, and though for a while half the posts were about other authors’ books, they’re starting to take over. That shouldn’t happen. I love promoting other authors’ work, and I’ll continue to do so, but this is my platform. Loaning it out on occasion is fine. Turning it over four, five, even six times a month is not.

So I’m (mostly) done with reviewing at Byrne After Reading. I still review for Vampire Book Club, and I’m super excited to be reviewing for My Bookish Ways (my first review went live yesterday!). I’ll be reviewing mystery/suspense and thrillers for MBW, and I’ve got a bunch lined up. Plus, it’s  the same time commitment I’ve got for VBC – about two reviews per month. Since I’m allowed to do backlist reviews, it’ll help me get through my TBR jar.

As I said earlier, the change will be gradual. I’m slated to review a number of books in the next two months, and I’ll honor those commitments. I’m still on the reviewer list for a few authors, and on the blogger list for The Rock Stars of Romance, so I will still post reviews if I’ve read (and reviewed) the author before, particularly if I like their work (lookin’ at you, Nalini Singh).

There’ll be a content shift over time, though. Fewer reviews. A lot fewer reviews. There may be some months where the only actual review post is my monthly reading list. Changing the content will be a challenge, finding that balance between personal and professional, because hell, I can’t write about writing twice a week, 52 weeks a year. I don’t know what I’ll write about, really. This is also the worst possible time to do anything to decrease my visibility, but I need to do something.

Honestly, I expect the impact this choice has will be minimal, at least for readers. So it  takes me down to a post a week. Eh. We’ll deal.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for my reviews, be sure to check out Vampire Book Club and My Bookish Ways. Now back to the salt mines with you, my lovelies, and I’ll see you next week.


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