First Monday: FRACTURE

So…I have a book coming out in April. Mebbe you’ve heard me talking about it over on Twitter a whole lot? It’s called Fracture, and the hero’s a real ass sometimes? Yeah, I love this book. I heart this book so hard. Nora saved Declan from being beaten to death in the war-torn streets of Sarajevo, and her good deed means she’s stuck playing nurse. Nora has more than her fair share of emotional scars from the two years of war, and it’s left her skittery and unwilling to get close to anyone. Forced into close quarters with a man who’s insulting and charming by turns, she finds herself falling for him.

I’ll post the first chapter on Wattpad closer to the release date, but here’s a snippet. Nora’s managed to get Declan to safety and the neighborhood doctor is getting ready to patch him up…and she’d rather be anywhere but in that clinic.

            “Is the water ready?” The doctor raises a brow and I scurry off to check on the water. I know the drill. Ladling a portion into a small bowl, I bring it in and return to the water carrying the doctor’s metal implements. They clank against the sides of the pot. The autoclave crapped out a long time ago, back around the start of the skirmish. Replacement medical equipment is even harder to come by than replenishing medical supplies. Hopefully whatever incisions need to be made are minimal.

            A moan. Thrashing. A yell, followed by babbling. It’s worse. So much worse than sitting in the street, watching the life drain from Ryan. This man is trying, and maybe failing, to live. My ears wish he’d give up.

            “Nora.” Ismael appears in the doorway. “Gudelj needs you.”

            The scalpel and tongs haven’t sat in the water long enough, not by the doctor’s exacting standards, but it’ll have to do if he’s calling for them already. Scooping them from the water, I wrap them in a towel and hurry across the hall to the exam room.

            Sweat’s popped out on the man’s forehead, his skin grey in the dull lights. “Bandages, yes? We have some?” the doctor asks.

            “I left them in the other room.” Ismael slips out to get them, leaving Murat standing at the man’s head, holding him down by one shoulder. I shift my attention to Doctor Gudelj. “You still need me?”


            This is not from the doctor, or Murat, but the man lying on the table. It’s a hoarse, dirty rasp, one that makes me cringe. His hand flails around, groping for something. Someone. Me? “You. You should have left me. You didn’t.”

            Oh God, he needs to stop talking. Fierce stabs of grief slice through my stomach, tearing me open with every tiny word. “Shh.” Without thinking, I take his flopping hand in both of mine. “Calm down,” I whisper. Please please please calm down. Please stop talking.

            “There. That is better.” Murat’s hold loosens and the doctor resumes cutting away the man’s jeans. “Tell me, what is your name?”

            I don’t want to know his name.


            Definitely not Slavic.

            “Yours. Tell me yours.” His eyes slit open and all I see is black, dark pupils bleeding into irises, eclipsing them. His hand tightens in mine as pain twists his mouth.

            I have to go. The past wants to swallow me whole, make me drown, swamp me cover me kill me. He won’t let go of my hand, those slitted eyes holding me hostage.

            “Nora. My name is Nora.”

Fracture releases April 21st. Pre-order links and the cover coming soon, plus more snippets. Because I can 🙂

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