Review – LAST HIT: RELOADED by Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare and giveaway!

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When I heard Jen Frederick was teaming up with Jessica Clare on a story about a Russian hit man, I was excited. Hell, any time either of these authors write something new, I get excited. I enjoyed Daisy and Nick’s story in Last Hit. It was sweet and sweetly awkward, with plenty of action. So when I was offered the chance to review Last Hit: Reloaded, I jumped at it.

Daisy and Nick have settled into a life together, attending classes at the nearby college and working on the apartment building Nick bought. But Daisy’s lonely. The few girls she was friendly with backed off after a particularly possessive display by her boyfriend, and her attempts to make friends have fallen flat. Just as she finally makes a friend, the city’s peace is disturbed by a series of sniper attacks, and Nick’s protective instincts (and paranoia) kick into high gear. Nick’s determined to keep Daisy safe. Only problem is, a local detective’s sniffing around Nick’s past, putting a strain on their relationship.

I’m just going to say it up front: this book was a disappointment. And that hurts, because it always stings when one of your favorite authors puts out a book that doesn’t do it for you. Here, the sting’s more like a slap, because it’s two of my favorite authors.

last hit reloadedThere were parts I liked, even loved – Daisy’s attempts to befriend a skittery classmate, the playfulness she teases out of Nick. Nick’s drive to do whatever it takes to make Daisy happy, even if he doesn’t understand it, made me smile. And my heart hurt for both of them when their clumsy overtures of friendship are brushed aside, or worse, thrown in their faces. Getting to see how Nick is adapting to life as a normal person was interesting, and I appreciated the peek into their new life together.

And while I appreciated that glimpse, the story felt thin. I wanted more of the sniper thread, and I wanted better integration of it into the overall plot. For the most part, it was just this secondary…thing that distracted Nick and made him worry for Daisy’s safety, even more than usual. And it’s never clarified why Detective McFadden is suspicious of Nick. Nick’s a professional. How’d he manage to draw the attention of a cop?

My biggest issue was the sex. There’s a lot of it. A lot. I get that in erotic romance you’re going to have more sex than your standard romance. However, the sex has to have a point. A good portion of the sex in Last Hit: Reloaded was sex for sex’s sake. I got to the point where I started skipping past them. Nick wants Daisy naked all the time. Got it. I didn’t really need to have that particular point driven home repeatedly.

It pulled me away from what could have otherwise been a quick, fun read. Like I said, I’m disappointed – and I’m disappointed that I’m disappointed. After this, I don’t know that I’d read another Nick and Daisy story.

Copy of Last Hit: Reloaded provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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