It’s Coming – The 6th Annual NO KISS BLOGFEST

You know what some of the hottest parts of a romance novel are?

The parts where they don’t kiss. Think about it. All that tension, flirting, those not-quite-accidental touches, the teasing, and you’re just about to explode because why haven’t they kissed yet dammit. Epic build up, and you think you’re going to get a fantastic pay off…and then you don’t. Which makes the ultimate kiss that much better when it happens.

The No Kiss Blogfest has been going on for a few years now, and it’s seen a couple of different hosts, and I’m super excited to host it this year. If you’re not familiar with the rules, they’re pretty simple. Click on the button below and sign up. Sometime between now and January 2nd, 2015, post an announcement about the blogfest to let your readers know you’re participating. You can post an excerpt from a WIP, from a prior or upcoming release, or something you create at the spur of the moment. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be yours. You could post a scene from a book or movie (but make sure you credit it properly). We’ve got a hashtag (#nokissblogfest), so promote that baby! And when January 2nd rolls around and you’ve mostly recovered from your New Year’s shenanigans, treat your readers to a little sexual tension – but remember, no kissing allowed!

The nitty gritty: the button below will take you to a sign up form. WordPress is a bitch and doesn’t like Mister Linky and his nifty sign up forms, so if you sign up, comment down below and make sure you copy the link when you hit the sign up form . Don’t link back to this post because it won’t have the list, and I don’t want any reader to miss out! My post on January 2nd will have links to ALL the participating blogs, so you can just link back to my blog if you want (use this:

Go forth and…don’t kiss! Not yet!

21 thoughts on “It’s Coming – The 6th Annual NO KISS BLOGFEST

  1. Hi Amanda! That’s an awesome idea! I signed up too!

    Greetings from Greece!
    Maria (MM Jaye)

    P.S. WordPress IS a bitch. Suspended my friend’s blog for adding Amazon affiliate links with no warning–now it’s live again, but it sent her up the wall!

    1. Woo! Thanks for participating.

      Yeah, I love WordPress most of the time – it does a lot of what I want it to do and doesn’t make it overly complicated. The widget thing drives me nuts, though.

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