Release Day Review: Kit Rocha’s BEYOND POSSESSION

Can you believe this is our fifth trip this year into Sector Four? The ladies behind Kit Rocha have been busy, and they finish out 2014 with the story of Zan and Tatiana.

Tatiana Stone’s the daughter of the deposed sector leader. She’s kept her head down and worked hard, building a respectable business producing and selling soaps, lotions, and oils. But some of the other merchants aren’t happy with Dallas’s rule, and they want to use Tatiana and her sister to shift the balance of power.

Not. Happening. Not on Dallas’s watch.

He sends Zan, the bouncer and all around tough from the Broken Circle, to keep an eye on Tatiana and try to convince her to throw her lot in with Dallas. Zan wants Tatiana – and he knows if he does what Dallas wants, he’ll never have her.

After being disappointed with Beyond Addiction, I was happily surprised with Beyond Possession. We’ve seen Zan around before, but he’s never really stood out, and Tatiana’s done such a good job of blending in and staying quiet I’d forgotten she ran the shop all the Sector women patronized for their soaps. Together, the two of them have a connection that’s sweet and sultry – and tenuous.

Tatiana’s willing to deny herself happiness if it means providing a safe, stable life for her younger sister. She’s so leery of being used for who she used to be that she avoids relationships. So Zan’s initial proposition of a discreet affair sparks a longing inside her. She’d like to believe she could get in some great fucks and walk away, but she knows when it comes to this particular man, walking away won’t be possible.

There’s sex – this is a Kit Rocha book, of course there’s sex – and while it’s hot, it’s not the core of their relationship, and I kind of love Kit Rocha for giving us something a little different. No amount of smexytimes will change Tatiana’s mind, and Zan knows it.

Zan struck me as a kind of gentle giant. He’s wanted Tatiana for a while, and he’s been patient. More, he’ll continue to be patient, or just plain give her up, if it means she has what she wants – her independence. He knows nothing he says will convince her that what’s said about being an O’Kane is true – loyalty and love are paramount, and she’d have both if she wants it.

Those two things are at the heart of this series. For all the fucking and fighting they do, the Beyond series is about family, and the lengths people will go for the ones they love. Zan and Tatiana’s story, while smaller in scope and mostly outside the overall arc of the series, is no different. They both would fight to the death to protect their loved ones, but it’s that conviction that could end up pulling them apart for good. How they move past it will have you holding your breath, and then smiling like an idiot.

A short, sweet trip into Sector Four this time around, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next for the O’Kanes.

Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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