Never Say Never Again

I’m kind of at a loss. I’ve sent off Game of Shadows. I’ve finished the re-write of Touch. The two biggest things on my writing plate are off them. So what do I do?

Participate in NaNo, apparently.

I “won” National Novel Writing Month in 2011 with my almost 80k word novel, Iron Jewel, and I just about killed myself doing it. I even swore I’d never do NaNo again.

Then Cassie of Books and Bowel Movements had to go and write a post about doing NaNo, and I started thinking, well, maybe…

See, I need a kick in the ass. A good, swift one, to be sure. I have projects I could be working on – finishing the first draft of Blood and Shadows or Blink, an urban fantasy I started a year ago – or things I should be working (revisions on that re-write, because I’m pretty sure the second half needs it, or working through edits on Hidden Scars, since that’s due out, oh, NEXT YEAR).

But I don’t have anything else submission ready at the moment, and since I have no desire to go strictly indie, it makes sense to get something on the page (or the monitor, as it is) that I could submit somewhere. Sure, I could finish Blink. Except I kind of wanted to start something new.

Okay, not entirely new. I wrote the first three chapters of this story a few months ago, and I knew it’d end up being short – likely around 50k. The challenge will be to not fall into the same trap I was in the first time I NaNo’d.

Last time around, I pushed myself too hard. It wasn’t enough to hit the 50k mark, no, I needed to actually finish the book. And by the end of the month, I was more stressed out than I’d ever been, and to this day, that still remains the most stressed I’d ever been. Yes, planning the conference comes in second on the stress-o-meter to completing NaNoWriMo.

The world will not end if I don’t finish this book in a month. I mean, I could. I could probably do it without pushing myself too hard to do so. I’ve got the perfect excuse for it, too – I sprained my foot earlier this week, which means lots of sitting around, waiting for it to heal enough that I can, well, stop sitting around so much. I’m seriously hoping I can make it into the gym next week.

But there are other things that need to get done this month. Remember that free short story I’ve promised? That’s on tap for this month. It’s called Rehab, and it’s a verra sexy little story about a woman who starts having naughty thoughts about her physical therapist – and finds out he’s been having the same thoughts about her. I’ll be editing, formatting, and uploading it in the next couple of weeks. And I will probably be a responsible author and try to finish revisions on the re-written Touch before the end of the month, too.

That is, if NaNo doesn’t swallow me whole first.

Are you NaNoing this year?

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