Review: Jen Frederick’s TAKING CONTROL

Ian Kerr’s always bought anything he ever wanted. No one said no to him. Until he met Victoria Corielli, who said no quite a few times before he shoved his way in and she said yes.

Taking Control picks up a few weeks after the end of Losing Control. Tiny’s still grieving the loss of her mother, and Ian’s helpless to make her feel better. Her insecurities are threatening to wreak havoc on their fledgling relationship – along with a host of other problems. Not everyone wants to see Ian finally happy, and they’ll do whatever they have to do to take him down.

taking controlTold primarily from Ian’s point of view, Taking Control doesn’t add much to the picture Jen Frederick already painted of him in Losing Control. He’s pretty much as Tiny saw him. But it’s intriguing to see Tiny through his eyes, see him acknowledge her fierce need for independence, even as it yanks on every chain he has. He sees her struggling to put her insecurities aside and he’s puzzled by them. Already a complex and well-drawn character, she becomes more so as their relationship progresses.

There’s some repetition and stiffness in the writing, but not enough to drag me from the story. And we get to see more of the secondary characters – Jake, Steve, Lauren, and Kaga. Especially Kaga. By the end of the book, I wanted his story. When I posed the question on Twitter, Frederick said she was going to make us wait. To which I say Grrrr. Not. Fair.

One of my favorite things about twists is when it’s entirely unexpected. There was nothing leading up to the final chapters to indicate the book would end as it did, but once it played out, I kind of wanted to smack myself on the forehead. I mean, I should have guessed. Totally should have. That fact that I didn’t? Awesome.

There’s a lot more sex this time around, but it doesn’t get in the way of the story (thank god. I’ve read a few too many books lately where that’s been the case.) It does exactly what it’s supposed to do: show the reader how Ian and Tiny are growing closer, that their mental and emotional bond is as strong as their physical one. Ian Kerr might have more money than several gods put together, but he means it – he would give it all up for Tiny if she asked.

We’ve reached Ian and Tiny’s happy ever after, but there’s more to come in the Kerr Chronicles. And considering the other guys rival Ian in snark and all-around lust-inducing hotness, I’m settling in for the ride.

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Copy of Taking Control provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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