Review: Sarah Harian’s OUR BROKEN SKY

It’s no secret I’ve become a fan of New Adult romances. But the more of them I read, the farther I wanted to get from the tortured pasts and secrets and lies. Then I found The Wicked We Have Done and just about screamed my relief. Finally a New Adult story that gave us something different. FINALLY.

Our Broken Sky continues moving away from the angst-ridden stories so prevalent in New Adult romance by giving us the story of Val, who we met in Wicked. I had to wonder if it would be worth my time to read something where I already knew how it ended.

It was.

The first half of the novella shows us how Val ended up in the Compass Room to begin with. Not her crime, but the events that motivated her to commit it in the first place. As with Wicked, what the public is told isn’t the whole story. The second half is Val meeting Jace, seeing their relationship spark and flame.

One of my favorite points in Our Broken Sky is when Jace tries to explain to Val that gender doesn’t have anything to do with it. She’s attempting to explain that she’s a virgin, and Val gets combative and offended, thinking Jace is trying to tell her she’s willing to “experiment”. It makes me wonder if Val experienced what we called (back in college) the “gay ’til graduation” phenomenon. For Jace, that wasn’t it at all. It’s a matter of the heart wants what it wants, and what the person looks like, and what body parts they have, has nothing to do with it.

The second half is a bit disjointed. Harian seems to be trying to avoid re-treading the same ground she’d already covered in Wicked, and the result was a bit rushed. The scenes where Jace and Val are together and learning about each other are compressed. I wanted more room for their feelings to grow. Yes, everything had to happen within the weeks they were in the Compass Room, but in this instance, it was the length of the book that caused the problem, not the time frame.

Sky isn’t a necessary read as far as the overall story arc of the Chaos Theory series. It’s a worthwhile one, though, because it not only adds another facet to the events of Wicked, but because it’s a reminder that not everything needs to be viewed through a heterosexual viewpoint.

More and more, we’re seeing m/m romance in mainstream publications (thank you, J.R. Ward). It’s a welcome change to see a f/f romance in a mainstream publication (the Chaos Theory series is published by Penguin/Intermix). But I wish it wasn’t such a big deal. Love is love, and whether it’s two dicks, two vaginas, or a dick and a vagina shouldn’t matter.

Copy of Our Broken Sky provided by the publisher in exchange for review.

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