Review: Jessica Clare’s BODY GAMES

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When Jessica Clare announced that the next book in her Games series would feature    Jendan as the hero, I started checking her website and Amazon obsessively. We’re talking weekly, sometimes more. I wanted that book. And I wanted it now.

Annabelle Tucker had to drop out of college after a humiliating season on Endurance Island. Painted as a slutty bimbo, she still gets recognized all too often, and it’s not helping her efforts to put the whole thing behind her. So the phone call from the casting director for Endurance Island isn’t exactly welcome.

But the money is. $25,000 just for showing up, $50,000 if she makes it on the jury. That money would go a long, long way to keeping the evil student loan people off her back, and if she’s really lucky, she might get a better edit this time around.

When she arrives on the island, though, she’s not prepared for this season’s twist: everyone’s competing naked. Throw in being forced to team up with the guy who made her look like a fool and a guy who is undoubtedly the sexiest man she’s ever seen, and this season of Endurance Island just got a whole lot more complicated.body games

There’s a reason the Games series is one of my favorites, and Body Games cements it as one of my go-to recommended series. It’s as fun and sassy as the others in the series, with snarky banter and plenty of sexual tension. Annabelle’s the perfect combination of strong an vulnerable, and her conviction and dedication to her game plan was one of my favorite things about her. Plus, how she gets back at Kip, the guy who made her look like a floozy? Awesome.

We only get to see Jendan through her eyes, but I’m not complaining. At all. He’s a Nice Guy, the kind you root for but know in the back of your mind he’s going to get screwed over. I wanted to cuddle him and tell him everything would be okay. Right after I wiped the drool from my chin.

Clare keeps the pace tight and quick, twisting things when you think you’ve got it figured out. I liked the way the relationship between Annabelle and Jendan developed. Annabelle’s head is a little screwy, legitimately so, because of what happened with Kip. Jendan is patient but isn’t afraid to let his frustration show just enough that Annabelle starts thinking maybe her game plan isn’t such a good one after all. Being naked around each other makes everything better, and worse, because they get to see each other’s flaws from the start. And by the time they have sex? It’s at exactly the right time for them.

Body Games is an excellent addition to the series. If you haven’t read these books yet, you’re an idiot and you must rectify that, pronto.

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