Ain’t Got No Strings To Hold Me Down

You remember how Pinocchio said “I’m a boy! I’m a real boy!”? I wonder when I’ll get to say “I’m an author! I’m a real author!”

That sounds so whiney, doesn’t it? It’s not meant to be. Maybe a better analogy would be to play The Presidents “We’re Not Going to Make It” on repeat for the next however long. Although that’s not entirely accurate, either.

I figured at some point in the process I’d feel like I’d reached the end of this particular journey and I’d get to start on a new one. But so far, publishing has become my own version of The Neverending Story (which I didn’t like, by the way).

It started with a contract and the knowledge that yay, I could bypass the slush when it came to my publisher. I thought “I’m an author!” and waited for the chorus to chime in. You know, the heavenly one that goes “Ahhh!”? I waited a very long time, and it never did. Life continued as it always did – work, write, and read. When I wasn’t running through edits, I was revising two other submissions.

Then I got my release date (July 14th). Still no chorus. There was a flurry of emails about publicity and headshots (check it out, she told me to smize and it was awesome). I got to see the cover and found out the book is up for reviewers on NetGalley.

That one in particular I thought, okay, here it is, that “Ahhh!” moment. Because as a reviewer, I’m on NetGalley often, trolling for new books to review. And I have to admit, seeing it up there made me squeal a little. Just a little.

I have pages. I’ve got a Facebook page and a Goodreads author page and an Amazon Author Central page. I have a banner on my Facebook page (it’s so pretty!).

But my writing life has gone on as usual. There’s still submissions and rejections. Just recently I got a rejection, submitted the project to two other publishers and now I’m in wait mode. Ugh. I entered two contests (something I won’t be able to do for much longer) and finaled in one of them (Touch is a finalist in the FF&P’s On The Far Side contest in the scif-fi/futuristic category). I’m in the middle of drafting two projects and revising a third.

There’s a slight difference these days. I’ve been having some fantastic back and forth with my editor over Touch, brainstorming ideas to make it a stronger story. I sent off Hidden Scars to the editor and should get those edits back sometime next month, and then I get to start planning out a release strategy for it.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is it’s never really over. It’s an ongoing process with mile markers. The first contract, the first release, the first royalty payment, the first book signing. Some will be bigger than others, like that first contract or, hopefully, that day I get to quit my day job. I doubt I’ll ever reach a place where I can rest on my laurels for a while and survey my micro-kingdom with smug satisfaction.

Thought it’d be really nice to be able to say “I’m an author! I’m a real author!”

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