The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s May. Do you know what May means in Seattle? Boating season begins. It rains a lot. People start planting their gardens.

And they go to the movies.

The 40th Annual Seattle International Film Festival opens next week, with over 400 films from around the world. There are documentaries and short films, foreign films galore and animated spectacles for the kids (and the kids that live inside us all). I’ve gone through the complete listing once, made my list, and now I just have to narrow it down.

Some will be eliminated simply because they don’t fit with my schedule, which totally sucks and I wish it weren’t so. Some will sound not as interesting on the second go-round as they did the first time. My list seems shorter this year; maybe that’ll make it easier? And there are bound to be a few I’ll skip and regret it later. Already I’m mad I’ll be missing a film – the festival is screening Serenity, Joss Whedon’s 2005 hit film that picks up where Firefly left off. It’ll be a theatre full of browncoats and people wearing Jayne hats.

Actually, I may find a way to go anyway. Because it’s Whedon. Who cares that I’ve already seen the movie in the theatre and own the DVD?

A few of my favorite foreign actors have popped up (Audrey Tautou, Andy Lau) as well as a couple of my favorite genres (Hong Kong crime thrillers, quiet Irish movies set somewhere other than Dublin). I’ll likely end up seeing a few romantic comedies, because my distaste for them doesn’t extend to ones done in another language – if anything, I like them better that way.

By the end of the festival, I’ll be tired of movies and rearranging my schedule just so I can go sit in the dark for a few hours, because that’s how it’s been in years past. My little movie loving heart will be full to overflowing, and my writing production will take a temporary hit.

But after the insanity of writing and editing and conferencing shit for the last few months, spending a butt load of time in a darkened theatre sounds like a perfect mini vacation. So bring it, SIFF. BRING IT.

2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. It sounds like so much fun when you say it…but I haven’t been to a movie yet this year. I’m kind of a loser that way.
    Have a blast, and I hope you come back with your soul restored and spawning plot bunnies right & left!

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