A Symphony for a SHADOW

A few months ago, I caved to peer pressure and signed up for Spotify. And by “signed up” I mean I use the free version, because I can’t be bothered with the paid version. I started hearing new songs by artists I’d never heard of before (like Yellow Ostrich) and about a week ago, I found out you can create playlists of your own.

I’ve always wanted a way to share the playlists I create for my books with everyone, and Spotify’s a great way to do that. You can upload tracks from your personal library if you can’t find them on Spotify (handy, since some of the stuff I listen to can’t be found easily).

Which brings me to the point of this post.

You read the snippet from my latest work in progress, Game of Shadows, and guess what? There’s a playlist for that! GoS is a New Adult romance with a heavy dose of suspense (I’m hesitant to actually call it romantic suspense). Cass is a 21 year old college student. She also happens to be an assassin. Her latest hit, Nick, gets under her skin from the beginning, and she lets him live. But the fun’s just beginning: car chases, gun fights, a rather awkward knife fight, and a shit-ton of sexual tension conspire to keep Cass and Nick from finding out who wants them both dead. I’m having a fuckin’ blast writing this (seriously, I can’t wait to kill someone else) and I’m fast approaching the end. Well, at least of this book. I don’t think their story will be over by the time I type The End.

This playlist isn’t a symphony; more a cacophony of songs, as eclectic as all the other playlists I make. Cass, being some ten years younger than Nick, would likely be listening to bands I had never heard of a few months ago. Like KONGOS and their song “Come With Me Now”. Or Skaters and “Deadbolt”. I particularly like “Deadbolt”; it sounds like something I would have listened to back in college. Or (let’s be honest) that I’d listen to now.

Not all the new songs came from Spotify, though. Jim James “State of the Art (AEIOU) I heard on an episode of The Blacklist, and Vance Joy’s “Riptide” I heard just the other morning on my local alternative station, as part of their Discover and Download feature. The stripped-down nature of both songs is appealing in a sea of songs that rely so heavily on dance-synth beats, I can’t tell if they’re from the ’80’s or if it’s new music.

Speaking of stripped-down songs, no one does it better than Jose Gonzalez, and “Save Your Day”, off his album Veneer, is one of his best. Sometimes my mp3 player surprises me by pulling a song up on shuffle that I didn’t even remember having, and then I wonder why the hell I hadn’t listened to it in forever. “Day” is one of those songs. Every time it comes up on this playlist I have to stop what I’m doing and just sit there, chin resting on my fist, staring at my computer screen.

There’s a couple of songs on there from my high school days (The Verve’s “The Freshmen”; Layman’s Terms “Al Pacino”) and some from college (REM’s “Low Desert”). Pearl Jam’s “Pendulum” reminds me of the only other PJ song I truly love (“Crazy Mary”), and I like it so much it appears on another recent playlist (a contemporary romance still in the drafting stage, tentatively titled Run).

So click and enjoy – you can listen to the entire list here, or if you’re already on Spotify, just search for me, amandakbyrne.

Happy writing!

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