Release Day Review: Kit Rocha’s BEYOND JEALOUSY

Since that night when Cruz and Ace faced off in the cage, readers of the Beyond series knew this story would happen.

We saw Rachel indulge her exhibitionist side in Beyond Pain, when she began dancing. She wants the gang to see her as something other than the sweet girl who was cast out of Eden. More, she wants Ace and Cruz to see her. She wants to be that woman sandwiched between them. When the pair finally claim her, Ace tries to convince himself it’s only temporary. Because as he says, everyone loves him easily – at first. But keeping him for the long run isn’t something that’s done.

For all the sinful things that go on in Sector Four, I had to wonder what would happen when Kit Rocha got around to doing a menage story. And it’s just as filthy and delicious as the other stories in this series.

Beyond Jealousy is Ace’s story. Not Rachel’s, not Cruz’s, but Ace. He’s the one you root for, he’s the one who breaks your heart, and he breaks it repeatedly. Hell, he’d already broken Rachel’s heart once. So much of his past is revealed in this book, and most of it isn’t pretty. You want to cuddle him and promise him you’ll never hurt him, but he won’t believe you.

In Beyond Shame, Rachel came off as self-assured, with a few hard edges. But as the books progressed, those edges were worn away. Still, the submissive side she displays here was kind of a shock, and I think that’s mostly because she was never a participant in the shenanigans the others got up to, like the six way in Beyond Control or Six’s introduction to flogging in Beyond Pain. Even her threesome with Dallas and Lex felt distanced, because we were seeing it through Six’s eyes. She’s an immensely likable character, though, and I love the time she takes to spend with the other women of the O’Kanes. There’s never any doubt she loves both Cruz and Ace and that both have equal claim to her. Being between them is exactly where she belongs, and she relishes it.

Cruz…what to say about Cruz. He felt a little flat to me. He always has, so I’d hoped that having him share center stage would open him up, flesh him out, but not quite. He simply wasn’t as interesting as Ace. But then, it’s Ace.

One of the things I’ve loved about this series from the beginning is the intriguing snippets we get of the other characters. For the most part, the lot of them make their few seconds on the page shine. We know the next book (Beyond Addiction) will be about Trix and Finn – and yes, I remember Finn (unlike Emma, who I didn’t remember at first). But do I see a little m/m action in Sector Four’s future? Maddox – I LOVE Mad – is fixated on Doc and his destructive behavior. Throw in Jade, the woman Dallas and Lex rescued and Trix brought back from the depths of addiction, and Scarlet…and I think we might have a recipe for some very interesting times at the Broken Circle.

Do I need to tell you I read this book in two days? And that’s only because I had to sleep at some point. Beyond Jealousy is another solid entry in the Beyond series, Cruz characterization issues aside. Because Ace. Ace is all you really need.

Copy of Beyond Jealousy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

4 thoughts on “Release Day Review: Kit Rocha’s BEYOND JEALOUSY

  1. Happy dance! I can’t wait to read =D I love that I don’t have to keep track of Kit Rocha’s stories on my own cuz I can always count on you to let me know when something is out!!! soooo excited!!!!!!!!!! (also amused because I remembered Emma but I’m trying desperately to remember who Finn is and coming up blank LOL)

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