I’m A Little Black Rain Cloud…

My house is freezing.

I know most of the country has been trapped in the polar vortex, but over here in Seattle, we’ve managed to avoid it for most of the winter. We had a week in December where temperatures dropped to the teens at night, and when temperatures climbed into the 40s we thought maybe that would be it. Then the weather said LOL nope and blasted us with another hit of sub-freezing temperatures.

Our house is not the most efficient when it comes to heating, and my usual spot on the couch has been cold cold cold. Last night, I was in double layer everything, had a blanket over my legs, and I was still cold.

I blame the weather for my frustration and general crankiness.

I started a book (of the urban fantasy variety) back in August. I got through fifteen chapters pretty quickly and stalled when I hit chapter sixteen. That was because I’d actually decided to work on a submission I wanted to get to my editor by the end of January.


Because I’d sorta kinda maybe hit a roadblock.

I feel like I’m mired in a cesspool of cranky right now, with this book. I’m in a position I’ve never been in before – I know how the book will end. I know what is supposed to happen between now and the ending. It should be easy, knowing what events must transpire before I reach the ending, right?

Not so much.

Right now, my heroine is about to have a confrontation with a guy who’s been following her. Much stuttering and bumbling shall occur, and then she will leave and have a bombshell dropped. But the words are not coming, and I want to punch my monitor in the face.

Probably the smart thing right now would be to just let it go, focus on something else until this black cloud over my head moves on. Of course, I never said I was smart.

I have a problem with unfinished projects. I dislike them. After I’d completed the book to submit at the end of January (yes, I turned that one in on my self-imposed deadline) I decided to go through all my unfinished projects that had unfinished chapters and finish each chapter, then go back and pick a project to finish. The first three went pretty smoothly. There were three more to go. I looked at each one, saw the amount of angst/world-building/sex that would need to be done and ran away screaming.

One of those projects I’m pretty sure I’ll never finish, simply because my love for the project has waned. Another I want to finish but may never do so because it’s meant to be the start of a series and I’m so far beyond burnt out on series that require intricate world-building on my part that I’m just all like, BLARGH. The last one…crap. I can’t even remember what the last one is.

I’m trying not to feel guilty about those unfinished projects. Each has its own folder in Google Drive, and I can always chop them up and use elements in other stories. And it’s not like I’m hurting for things to work on. I just can’t seem to light the spark for this particular one, and it’s bugging the shit out of me.

Any suggestions? My level of crankiness is pretty high, due to a number of other (writing unrelated) things. It’d be nice to have one less thing to be cranky about.

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