(Un)Traditional Christmas Carols

One of the fantastic things about having sung in a choir was being introduced to new holiday songs. I get tired of hearing the same Christmas carols year after year, and having to listen to pop versions in shopping malls is even worse. But here are a few that I adore (and yes, I’ve sung them all):

“Snow” from the movie White Christmas was great fun. I’m a sucker for old time singers like Sinatra and Martin. The video below is actually from the movie, starring Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and Danny Kaye. Bonus: It’s also my favorite Christmas movie. They just don’t make musicals like this anymore.

“Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind” isn’t actually a Christmas carol, but it has a winter theme. Therefore it counts. The lyrics are from Shakespeare’s As You Like It and the arrangement is by John Rutter. While the video below doesn’t include it, this piece can also be accompanied by a small string orchestra.

“Prayer of the Children” was written for the children of Bosnia during the war. It made my mom cry. Hell, it made our conductor cry. It’s that kind of song.

This last one is hands down one of the most awesome Christmas songs written in the last fifty years. From the animated children’s short The Snowman, “Walking in the Air” is a simple melody but conveys so much. In one version, the opening verse is meant to be sung by a boy soprano, like it is in the short. In the version below, it’s performed by the Stockholm Boys Choir.

Hope you all have a warm and happy Christmas!

Love and Christmas cookies,


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