November is Mevember

This is me:

Or, well, me if I were an adorable puppy.

For months I’ve been pestering the BF with the question, “Is it December yet?” Because if it was December, I’d be done with a shit ton of stuff.

Since July I have (cue whining):

1) Attended two major conferences

2) Bought a house

3) Painted the interior of said house

4) Moved

5) Coordinated a bookfair for 90 authors

6) Written 40,000 words on a projected 75,000 word novel, 30,000 words on a different 70,000 word novel, 30,000 words on a another, more different short novel (projected count: 45,000 words) (bonus points if you can tell me where “another, more different” comes from), polished an 80,000 word novel and submitted it, revised a 65,000 word novel and sent it out to beta readers, and started two more writing projects (total word count so far: about 15,000 words per project, out of a projected 70,000/project)

7) Reviewed over a dozen books between Byrne After Reading and Vampire Book Club

I’m fairly certain the weight I’d lost over the past few months I gained back from the last two weeks alone. Let’s hear it for stress eating! (End whining)

The point of all this is to say I’m pretty fucking tired. So I decided, in honor of my birthday later this month, November is going to be Mevember. Aside from a few prior commitments, I ain’t doin’ nothin’ I don’t wanna do. Maybe I’ll go to the movies after work instead of my usual date with the gym and then my laptop. Maybe I’ll sit on the couch for an entire evening and read nothing but crappy books while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally get around to watching Sherlock.

The other, more difficult point is I’m going to take this month to train myself to stop writing when I say I’m going to stop. I tell myself every evening I’ll stop at 6PM (6:30 if I don’t have to cook dinner). And I almost always fail. I push myself to write super crappy words just to make my word count for the day even when the words aren’t flowing. I’m easily distracted and undisciplined, and if I’m going to make this whole writing business a career (on top of the day job) I need to take better care of myself and my free time.

So I’ll be making a list of projects and the order I’ll be completing them in, and once I’m finished with my current project, I’ll be switching to writing in Word in an effort to cut down on distractions. I’d toyed with the idea of doing my own version of NaNoWriMo (calling it National No Writing Month), but we all know that’s not going to happen.

What does this mean for you, my lovelies? Not a whole hell of a lot. There will be fewer blog posts this month, and of those that do go up, most will be book reviews (as I’d already committed to reviewing those books a while ago). Two of you I’d made beta reading promises to. But other than that, I’m going to kick back and try to relax and remind myself the world will not end if I don’t turn on my laptop for an evening.

Right? The world won’t end if I don’t write for a whole day? *shudders*

2 thoughts on “November is Mevember

  1. Good for you, Amanda! Circumstances kept me from writing for almost two weeks. The first week killed me, but by the second, I just threw my hands in the air and said, “I’m not even going to try.” I took the pressure off myself and it did wonders for my mental and emotional health. So happy Mevember and happy birthday!

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