Early review: Kit Rocha’s BEYOND PAIN

From the moment Six set foot in Sector Four, I had a feeling her story would be my favorite.

I was so right.

Six and Bren’s story started back in Beyond Shame, when Bren brings Trent back to the compound and gives Six the opportunity to exorcise some demons by killing Trent with her bare hands. By the time Beyond Pain opens, Six is starting to settle in to life under Dallas’ rule. She’s no longer a prisoner, but even with a job and fighting lessons from Bren, she still feels like a guest, and the possibility her new life could be ripped from her looms over her shoulder. Dallas has been slowly cleaning up the newly acquired Sector Three, and assigns Bren the job of keeping an eye on things. It’s the perfect opportunity for Six to prove her value to the king of Sector Four…and to spend even more time with Bren.

I have to admit, when I first heard Six was going to be hooking up with Bren, I had some doubts. He’s never been anything but careful and gentle with her, moving their relationship forward at a glacial pace, letting her know it’s okay to ask for a comforting touch, but he’s the guy who gets off on pain, and she’s the girl for whom pain and sex are forever entwined with everything bad and nasty about her old life in Sector Three. Sex is an inherent part of life in Sector Four, so how was that going to work?


What starts as a few heated, tension-filled moments culminates in a situation with an outcome completely different from what Six had anticipated. Their relationship moves quickly from there, but at every turn, it’s just as much about the deepening connection between the two of them as it is about Six rediscovering the power and rights she has over her own body and pleasure. Six was broken but not shattered, and the strength she pretended to have became real. When Bren’s hellbent on taking on the man who got him kicked out of Eden, she’s thrown for a loop, pushed aside and knocked down. But she gets right back up again because she’s not broken anymore.

Bren…I never saw this coming. He’s always in control. He’s the guy who keeps his mouth shut. He’s so focused on making sure Six is okay that you don’t notice that maybe he’s not. Where Six was broken, Bren was shattered, and he just poured tar over the whole mess to cover it up. The last couple of chapters left my stomach twisted in knots, and the ending almost made me cry. Ultimately, these two are what the other needed, lending a shoulder or an ear and giving everything they have and expecting nothing in return because they think they don’t deserve it.

Three books in, it feels like Kit Rocha’s hit the groove on this series. The overarching storyline tying the books together is really starting to take shape, the cast of characters is fleshing out (I love Mad. Can I have a Mad of my very own? I just want to cuddle him.), and life in the sectors is just getting more and more interesting. I love stepping into this den of sin they’ve created, and with the teasing glimpses we’ve had of Cruz and Ace, and Cruz and Rachel, and Ace and Rachel, I can’t wait to go back in Beyond Jealousy.

Beyond Pain releases August 26, 2013. Want to be notified of new releases? Sign up for Kit Rocha’s newsletter. Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Early review: Kit Rocha’s BEYOND PAIN

  1. OMG I’M SO RIDICULOUSLY JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT TO READ AN ADVANCED COPY! I mean, I’m going to be buying this book regardless but now I’m going t out of my mind with having to wait.

    Funny enough, Kit Rocha was next on my list for an “Angel Recommends” entry on MY blog…. I’ll have to make sure to do it before the 3rd book is released =)

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