Sweet and low

I get story ideas from all over. I’ve dreamt them; Fracture started as a dream. I’ve been inspired by other books – What Didn’t Happen That Night came to me after I’d read Katee Robert’s Wrong Bed, Right Guy. A Lesson in Vanishing came about after I’d read an article in Wired about a guy who had purposely disappeared from his life and spent a month under a new identity. Sometimes they come from songs, or writing prompts, and I even came up with one based on a title I stole from an ex-boyfriend. I’ve yet to create a story based on a picture (I like to develop my own visuals, thank you) but hey, it could happen.

So when I first read this Craigslist Missed Connection, I thought, there’s a story here. Someone has to tell it.

Someone already did. Go on, read the post. I’ll wait.

Whoever posted that Missed Connection did what many writers strive for and fail: he told a complete story in a couple hundred words. That post is sad and lovely and bittersweet, and best of all, it makes you wonder, right along with him, what could have been if he’d just had the courage to open his mouth.

Missed Connection guy, I envy you. You made me laugh and cry, all within the space of a few paragraphs. If that’s not talent, talent needs a new definition.

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