Contests and auctions and conferences, oh my!

Couple quick notes:

Brenda Drake is hosting an adults-only pitch party! Woo! After months and months of YA pitches, here’s a contest for those of us who don’t write material suitable for children *insert wicked grin here* The contest is this Wednesday, June 26th, over on Brenda’s blog. Post your 35-word pitch, along with the first 150 words of your completed manuscript. One entry per writer, New Adult entries accepted (but be sure to check each agent’s submission guidelines before pitching!). For full details, as well as the participating agents (and editors!), go to Brenda’s post here. And be sure to follow her on Twitter for more contest goodness!

Remember PitchMas? One of the lovely hosts, Feaky Snucker, has been displaced by nasty, nasty flooding (you can read the details here). Her CP and cohost, Jessa Russo, decided to put together an auction to help defray some of the costs of rebuilding. She’s collecting items, as well as gently used books to restock the local library. Got something worth auctioning off? You can see the full details here.

And last, I’d be remiss in my duties as Assistant Conference Chair and Bookfair Chair if I didn’t pimp my own conference, so here it is: the 2013 Emerald City Writers’ Conference is open for registration. Keynotes this year are Maya Banks, Karen Rose, and Robin Carr, with a master class presented by our very own Cherry Adair. There are workshops by MA Taylor, Bob Mayer, Sabrina York, and tons of others, all fabulous. Are you an author in the Seattle area? You want to participate in our bookfair. I know you do. You don’t have to attend the conference to participate in the bookfair. ECWC is this October, the 18th-20th, at the Westin Hotel in Bellevue, Washington. Early bird registration is happening now. Full registration information is here, and if you just want to participate in the bookfair, go here, or use the contact form (link above) if you have questions about either the conference or the fair.

Happy Monday! Or, well, as happy as a Monday can get.

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