If your words are less important than silence, keep quiet.

I’m having a brain-dead moment. Or rather, a moment in which there were some interesting and compelling conversations going on but I don’t feel my opinion would add much to the discussion.

One you may have heard about: the SFWA caused something of an uproar amongst men and women alike over a cover and a column in one of their bulletins that many feel was incredibly sexist. Author Chuck Wendig wrote a three part series on the subject. The first post has some links, including one to author Ann Aguirre’s post on her own experience attending sci-fi cons and how she was treated. Because her post generated quite a bit of hate, in the form of nasty comments on the post itself and in emails, I’m not posting the link here. You can find it in Wendig’s post. I do recommend reading it. In fact, if I could make it a requirement, I would.

The second was a post by author Melissa Maygrove on the topic of ethics in publishing. After discovering that an editor was using her Twitter feed to promote (in a gushing manner) her own book, written under a pseudonym, she wondered if this crossed a line. Again, it provoked a lot of discussion (and even got retweeted by Dear Author!) There’s a follow up post to that as well, on publishing ethics in general. Again, I highly recommend you check it out.

I do have a comment to add to that post. I’ve seen a few editors who are also authors, and yes, they will use one Twitter handle to stump for their other (editor Rhonda Helms comes to mind. Her alter ego is Olivia Mayfield). The difference, to me, is that Helms is up front about her author side. She tweets about it regularly, and it even says in her Twitter bio she also tweets as Olivia Mayfield. The editor Melissa calls out in her post makes no mention of her pen name. If you’re looking for a line, that’s it right there.

So go forth and click. Enjoy the links, ponder, then talk amongst yourselves.

2 thoughts on “If your words are less important than silence, keep quiet.

  1. Holy crap, I’ve been wanting to read Chuck’s book (Blackbirds) for the longest time. After reading his post, I know it’s a must. He’s *my* Spirit Animal now haha. I also looked at a lot of the genderflipped covers and many of them made me wanna puke lol. I don’t get why people think men and women can’t enjoy the same things.

    As for the shameless self-promotion, yeah, I can’t agree to that. That is all kinds of wrong. I lol’d at the “I’m so proud of her!” Oh, man. Talk about hubris. But if they wanna do that, I don’t think anyone can stop them. It will, however, tarnish their name and reputation. Their loss.

    Thanks for the epic shares, Amanda! 🙂

    1. The genderflipped covers are awesome. I’d never really paid much attention to them in the past, but maybe I should…I’ve always been drawn more to simple covers, and unfortunately men seem to get those more often!

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