Audible Inspiration

Music-wise, I’ve been in a dark and slinky mood lately. There are a ton of great songs out there that fit this particular bill, but these are the ones that really bring Technicolor images to mind:

“Angel” Massive Attack (Mezzanine)– This song is pure sex. Pure, raunchy, unadulterated sex. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when the thrumming bass winds its way out. The build to the chorus is this crash of notes, and it’s not hard to think naughty thoughts when you hear this song. In fact, I dare you not to. Ten bucks says you’ll fail.

“Pillars” Sunny Day Real Estate (How It Feels To Be Something On)– “Pillars” is brought to us by one of the godfathers of emo, before anyone really knew what could be classified as emo. And I swear Chino Moreno of the Deftones was listening to this song when he wrote “Change (In the House of Flies)”. Haunting, with, again, a bass line that gets under your skin, Jeremy Enigks’ vocals are oddly suited to a song that rises and falls like an ocean wave gathering strength. I love this entire album, but this is easily my favorite song on it.

“Hunter” 30 Seconds to Mars – I stumbled on this song during a downloading fit; I’m not sure which album it’s on, or if it was ever really released as a single. Yes, it’s a cover of Bjork’s “Hunter” (her version can be found on the soundtrack to the first X-Files movie), which is probably why it’s such a damn cool song. My guilty pleasure is Jared Leto, and while a lot of people like to give him shit, the man can sing. He’s not afraid to tear this melody apart, alternating between screaming and whispering, and the end result is a great homage to the original.

“Me and the Devil” Gil Scott-Heron (I’m New Here)– I heard this at the end of an episode of Elementary and was mesmerized by the whiskey-and-cigarette roughened quality of Sc0tt-Heron’s voice. The video he shot for it, just before he died, is as creeptastic as the song itself, and you have to wonder if there’s a hidden story we’re not privy to in his lyrics.

“A Speeding Car” Mono (One Step More and You Die)– Oh, Mono. I love this band. This song is deliciously sinful and absolutely perfect. It’s a mishmash of pictures brought on by the signature clash of guitar on guitar, all swaying bodies and sweat-slicked skin. As one commenter put it, “This is what a heartbreak under fireworks sounds like.” Don’t believe me? Listen to it for yourself.

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