Reading list as of January 31st

Leigh Evans The Trouble With Fate has a number of things going for it.

The heroine: Hedi Peacock is a half-fae, half-Were, a klepto, and someone who wouldn’t know good luck if it smacked her in the face.

The hero: Robson Trowbridge might have been a good looking guy at one point, and still is, according to Hedi, but he carries his defeat around on his shoulders, and he’s got the mangled hand to prove it.

Oh, and the sheer creativity of the world she’s built around these two.

Hedi’s been forced to stay low since the death of her parents when she was twelve. She can’t find acceptance amongst the fae, who reside in an alternate realm called Merenwyn, and the Weres want her dead. She’s never really made friends, didn’t get to finish school, and has to look after her full-blooded fae aunt, Lou, who’s slowly going nuts. Every time she uses her magic it comes back to bite her in the ass, and she completely ignores the Were half of her. Pretty easy to do, since she can’t shift.

So when Robson Trowbridge shows up in the coffee shop she works at, she’s certain she’s been found out. She freaks, quits, and comes home to find her aunt had another crazy spell and is in the hospital. Then her aunt gets kidnapped. Great.

Through a case of mistaken identity, Hedi and Bridge reluctantly team up to rescue Lou and to find the men responsible for ruining both their lives. See, Hedi’s not the only one who lost her family. Bridge’s mom and dad were murdered, too, as well as his wife.

The person Hedi assumes was his mate.

In Fate, you fall in love with Hedi quickly. You hope with every turn of the page something, anything will go right for her. And even when it doesn’t, she still picks herself up and carries on.

And when, eventually, she gets what she wants, it still doesn’t quite go as planned. I loved Hedi’s strength and cheered her decision to walk away from Bridge, even after her inner Were had claimed him as her mate. She doesn’t want a mate without love, and Bridge sits on the fence for a lot of this book. He needs Hedi, that much is clear. But does he love her? You’ll have to reach your own conclusion; I’ve made mine. Someone, please read this book so we can talk about it!

My main complaint has to do with an entire chapter in the middle of the book. Part of Hedi’s gift is she can walk the realm of Threall, an odd in between place that looks pretty and is actually quite deadly. But how Hedi got to Threall, and why she needed to go in the first place, not to mention what she did while she was there, makes very little sense and doesn’t do much to move the story forward. And when you consider the part of her magic she had to use to get there doesn’t merit a mention in the second half of the book, well, I’m left scratching my head about why we needed to know about it now, instead of later.

The ending is yet another example of karma bitch-slapping Hedi in the face, and having to wait until the end of July for the next book is going to be very, very annoying.

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