The Versatile Blogger Award!

A little while ago, Shannon of the Foodie Farmer nominated me for the Versitile Blogger Award. Thanks, Shannon!

The rules are pretty simple: in addition to displaying the snazzy badge above somewhere on your blog, you have to 1) tag 15 other bloggers, 2) write a post about the rules and include a link back to your nominator and 3) in that post include 7 random facts about yourself.

I’m going to cheat. Just a little. I have no doubt there are hundreds of deserving bloggers out there, so instead of picking 15, I’ll let y’all bogart this for yourselves. In the meantime, seven random things about myself:

1) I’ve attended five different colleges (Ithaca College, North Seattle CC, University of Washington, Seattle Central CC, and University of Pennsylvania) and have degrees or certificates from three (North, UW, and UPenn).

2) I’ve known my oldest friend for over 25 years. We met before we started kindergarten.

3) I’ve marched in the Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Believe me when I tell you a kilt is not the best thing to wear in March in Dublin, even if the sun’s out.

4) I adore French films. However, I couldn’t speak the language if my life depended on it, despite three and a half years of lessons.

5) In addition to a shoe fetish, I collect sweaters like they’re going out of style. Winter sweaters, spring sweaters, it doesn’t matter. I love ’em all. Bonus points for cardigans with beading or embroidery on them like they’re from the fifties or something.

6) My all-time favorite book is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I can give you a chapter by chapter synopsis that will guarantee you an A on your book report.

7) I may have a small problem with Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa mix. I consume so much of it, I think they ought to start subsidizing my writing career.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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