Letting Go and Growing Up

Ah, another year. Yay. I turn 33 this year. Yay?

When I haven’t been grinding away at my newest WIP (because someone coughcough *LivRancourt* coughcough is impatiently waiting for me to finish it), I’ve been thinking about what to do with my various projects.

I’ve been hearing quite a bit, on Twitter, through blogs, and waaay back at ECWC, that urban fantasy and paranormal/paranormal romance is getting to be a tougher sell these days. The market’s soft and glutted. Some agents have gone so far to say don’t bother sending me paranormal. I can’t sell it. Way to be encouraging there! *thumbs up*

That, like pretty much everything else, should be taken with a grain of salt. They’ve said vampires are done, overdone, burnt-beyond-done done. Yet new vamp books keep popping up, and yes, some are even from debut authors. The thing to remember, I guess, is that while it’s a supremely tough market out there right now, it is still possible to sell urban fantasy or paranormal, even if you’re a new author.

Which leads me to my quandary.

I have four separate projects I feel are ready to query. But as the months passed, my initial smug feeling was slowly replaced by a WTF am I going to do now feeling. Two of them I could still query, even though they fall in the UF/PNF category. The other two…well, sadly, I’ve decided to put them away.

It’s extremely disappointing to have to do this. I love all of my stories (some more than others) and not being able to find homes for them is disheartening. So disheartening, in fact, that when I received a rejection not too long ago for one of them, it pissed me off so much I left work early.

Technically, that’s only partly true. The day I received that particular “thanks, but no thanks”, I was already stressed out and in a bad mood. The rejection just shoved the bad mood into nasty territory, to the point that not even a chocolate chip cookie and a Pepsi could bring me back from the dark side.

That was my low point for that project. It’s still in the hands of one editor, who may or may not say yes. I’ve been putting off sending a follow up email because, you know, no news is good news, right? But in the weeks since, I’ve tried my hardest to put it behind me. I could always revise it (again). Interest might be renewed when the market cycles back around, or possibly after I’ve established a name for myself. I could self-publish or *gasp* serialize it here on my own blog and give it away for free.

Having a new project to focus on also helps. I’ve been throwing all my energy into a new contemporary romance where the characters are supremely messed up in the head (my favorite!) and it’s been cathartic. That advice agents and editors always give about starting your next project while you’re querying your current one? Yeah. Excellent advice.

So I’m putting those projects into my metaphorical desk drawer and forgetting about them for a few months. Who knows? Maybe the distance will spark some new ideas.

Now, about my blog…

Rubber ducks aren’t terribly representative of a romance and urban fantasy writer, are they?

No, not so much.

I love rubber ducks. I’ve got an ever growing collection of them (the BF is resigned to having them take over the bathroom), but as I’m dragged kicking and screaming into maturity, I’m starting to realize it might be time to let them go.


That said, I’m thinking of changing the title of this blog and the header picture. Problem is, I have no idea what to change it to. I am not frilly. I like pink, and purple, but if you call me a girly girl I will wash your mouth out with soap. I’m not looking to cover this blog with pictures of naked people cavorting with wolves and hunting cats. Nor do I want to drench it in hearts, flowers, moonlight and stars (I’m getting ill just thinking about it. Ugh.)

Sigh. Suggestions welcome, even demanded. You’ll probably see some changes over the next month or so as I figure out what to do, including some reorganization. The Playlists page in particular is getting a bit unwieldy.

So. Suggestions. Comments section. Go.

4 thoughts on “Letting Go and Growing Up

  1. Heh.
    If you’re working on a blog post, you’re not working on What Didn’t Happen. Just sayin’…
    What if you did a kind of anime-style header. Not exactly sure what I mean by that, but I’ll troll for pix and email you ideas, ‘kay?

  2. Good luck! I like the way your blog looks, rubber ducks and all, but sometimes change can be a good thing. Are there any images associated with your WIPs that you could use? Something that would make it more obvious that this blog belongs to a writer of paranormal romance? I will say, though, that part of what I like about your blog is that it’s bright, and I suspect that many paranormal romance blogs have darker backgrounds, making it harder to read the text.

    1. They can be. A lot of it is the blog template itself, which I may change as well. For the time being, it would just be the header picture (of the ducks) that I’d change. Or not. I’m quite attached to my ducks 🙂

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