NO KISS Blogfest: What Didn’t Happen That Night

What better day than Hump Day to have a little No Kiss Blogfest? Har.

The rules are simple. Post a scene or snippet from one of your works (pubbed or unpubbed), a scene from a favorite movie/TV show, or from your favorite book, where the characters almost kiss…but not quite. Want to see what the other bloggers are up to on this no-kissing Hump Day? Click here to go to Frankie Diane Mallis’ original post, and see what other fine and fraught with tension posts you can read.

As for myself, the scene below is from one of the two new contemporary romances I’m working on. In What Didn’t Happen That Night, Sara and Taylor are stuck sharing a hotel room for the night. Nothing happens, but when Sara sees the scars on Taylor’s chest, her curiosity is piqued. Unfortunately for her, Taylor’s quiet and closed off, to the point where he blends into the background most of the time. When her attempts at friendship fail, she gives up.

Taylor, on the other hand, decides getting to know the pretty and outgoing Sara might not be such a bad thing after all, and soon the two of them are slowly working their way toward something more than friends. But as their relationship deepens, so does Sara’s anxiety, until the secrets she’s keeping might be what tears them apart.

One night. One hotel room. Nothing happened. And everything changed.

Someone tried to squeeze past her, sending her stumbling forward. She threw out her hands on instinct, to catch herself, and they connected with Taylor’s chest. Heat flared over her cheeks. “Sorry,” she mumbled, jerking back.

That’s when she realized his hands were on her hips.

His expression didn’t offer an explanation. Stupid to expect one there. Stupid to expect an explanation at all. He didn’t do anything unless he meant it. She took a step forward, the steady buzz of the room around them muting to a low drone as their gazes remained locked. She could slide a hand up, over his chest, along his neck, tug his head down to hers. Find out if his lips were firm or soft or both. Find out if he ever lost control. She wanted to see it, wanted to be the one to make him lose it. Their kiss wouldn’t be tentative and searching. It would be pure heat, setting fire to the blood.

The sharp slap of dozens of hands clapping snapped her back to the present. Had she really been thinking of kissing him? In a crowded room? Kissing Taylor was a horrible idea. It opened too many paths for them to take, together and separately. She still wasn’t sure she was on board with what had been going on between them lately in the first place.

Because if she was being honest with herself, their more recent goings on had been edging into more intimate territory. No, kissing him wasn’t going to happen.

But as she turned around, her hands came down to cover his, and she leaned against his chest, bringing his arms closer around her waist.

22 thoughts on “NO KISS Blogfest: What Didn’t Happen That Night

  1. Hi, Amanda! I’m a few days late in checking out the entries for the No-Kiss Blogfest, but late is better than never!

    I love the way you take a single moment and draw it out — so many emotions and sensations, all at once! The room definitely just got a little warmer LOL. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    ~Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

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