A Clean, Well-lit Place…to write.

This post was inspired by the lovely Karina Cooper, whose contest I didn’t find out about until the last minute (sorry, writers, closed yesterday!) but, well, I’m sharing anyway.

If you head on over to her Tumblr post, you’ll see her writing space and what she needs/wants in a space. And it got me thinking about my own writing space.

I own a desk. Said desk is a monstrosity of a desk that, now that our wireless network is deskup and running, I use as storage space and nothing else. Seriously. The BF hid my Kindle in there until he had time to wrap it because he knew I never opened the damn thing. As a catch all for crap, it’s fabulous.


I write on the couch.

Just before we moved to our new place this past summer, we ditched our old couches and bought new ones, and these new couches are ever so fabulously comfortable. My reason for sitting on the couch is singular: I have the world’s neediest cat.

Demeter is an attention whore. She’s also very vocal about her needs, and pushy. During the month and a half or so that I had to sit at the BF’s desk to work (my wireless card

Shh...do not disturb teh kitteh
Shh…do not disturb teh kitteh

crapped out on my old laptop and the cable we had wasn’t long enough to stretch across the room to my desk) she would chirp, meow, pace back and forth on the desk, and eventually jump into my lap in an attempt to get to my shoulder. See, Demeter demands you hold her like a baby. It’s her favorite spot.

Anyway. We’ve reached a compromise of sorts. I sit on the couch, she sits on my legs. Win win, all around.

The photo of my writing space was taken with my craptastic cell phone camera, but you get the general idea. The coffee table is in easy reach, so if I need to get up for any reason, the laptop goes there. Also, my hot cocoa is never very far away.

You’ll notice an absence of clutter. Karina’s space has paper, paper, more paper, pens, books, whiteboards, all sorts of stuff. Yeah…everything’s on my laptop. There is a giant copy of the Chicago Manual of Style on the small table in the corner (you can’t see it, it’s writing spacehidden by the two couches) but everything else? That’s what teh interwebs is for. Dictionary.com is my best friend, followed closely by Thesaurus.com. I love Wikipedia. My email program stays open all the time, and my notes get made in a blank document in Google Docs, which is where I do all of my drafting. Since I’m a pantser, not a plotter, there are no index cards or outlines lying around. Character bios, if I write them, are in a separate document. My electronic filing system leaves much to be desired, but so far, it works for me.

I’ve got this vision of more experienced writers and authors shaking their heads at the amature-ishness of my set up, but who the fuck cares? It works for me. I’m comfortable, and if I’m going to plant my butt in one spot for hours on end and engage in something that so far has yet to net me any extra cash, you’re damn right I’m going to be comfortable.

Plus, if I want to take a break and read for a while, I don’t have to move (as evidenced by the piles of books on the table.)

So, where do you write? Is it messy, or do you make an effort to keep it all neat and tidy?

4 thoughts on “A Clean, Well-lit Place…to write.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I’d like to sit at my desk, but in addition to the demanding cat, my desk isn’t all that comfortable to sit at. It caused me a lot of back pain before we were able to get the wireless network set up.

  1. Messy.
    Messy messy messy messy.
    It’s also the dining room table. Right now I’m looking out at a Christmas-y centerpiece, two Sunday papers, and last week’s mail. Or maybe last month’s mail. It can get a little hectic around here.
    I’m like you, though. Everything writing-related is on the laptop, and because the table is a big one, there’s room for Woody-the-cat to curl up next to the fan where it’s warm. I just have to remember to keep the coffee cup on the other side, so he doesn’t knock it over.

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