It’s playlist time!

It’s playlist time again, and you know what that means…a new project!

I’m bouncing up and down excited to get started (well, really get started, I’ve got most of the first five chapters done) on my next story, featuring characters from Not About Love. Julianne’s an A & R rep for an indie record label, and she’s got some pretty strong opinions about the state of rock music today. So what would Jules listen to on a regular basis?

“Fascination” Hindi Zahra – Zahra’s whole album (Handmade) has a laid-back vibe, and her vocals have this amazing smoky quality to them. “Fascination” has a jaunty beat to it, and I’ve been known to swing my hips a little whenever it pops up on my mp3 player. Go on. Listen to it. I guarantee you’ll be bobbing your head in time with the beat.

“Helena Beat” Foster the People – Speaking of beat…Foster the People might be a little too hipster-riffic, but she’d secretly listen to them. I not so secretly listen to them. If you’re sick of “Pumped Up Kicks”, you’ll probably want to avoid the album, because while each track is just different enough, there isn’t enough drastic difference between the tracks to please some people *cough cough BF cough cough* “Helena Beat” is a bit slinkier than some of the other tracks on the album, but there’s still that insistent beat that gets stuck in your head.

“Old Enough” The Raconteurs – I’m going to make a broad declaration and say I think The Raconteurs are one of the most original acts in music today. You want variety? Consolers of the Lonely has variety in spades. Case in point: “Old Enough”. Featuring a down-home twang, complete with a blue grass fiddle, it sounds nothing like any of the other songs on the album. Just like all the other songs on the album. What could have been a mishmash works because of the brilliance of the musicians.

“Little Bad Girl” David Guetta featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris – Julianne’s got a thing for bad boys, and, well, she’s got a little bit of bad girl in her as well. So “Little Bad Girl” is a fitting anthem for a woman trying to put aside her usual predilections and hang on to the nice guy. Oh, and the song is bouncy, dance-happy fun. I love this album (Nothing But The Beat) and if you’re a fan of house music, if you don’t own this album yet, there’s something wrong with you.

“Staring at the Sun” TV on the Radio – Part of Nice Guys centers around Julianne’s efforts to sign a new kid to the label, one with an enormous amount of talent. When I first started thinking about Joe, the kid, I tried to envision what I wanted him to sound like. I came away with the massive sound I’ve only heard from TV on the Radio and MONO. Something about the way their guitarists play results in this crashing wave of notes that I’d never heard before. The first time I heard TV on the Radio, I was stunned. “Staring at the Sun” is the perfect example for how I thought Joe would sound.

“Red Hot Moon” (acoustic) Rancid – I know, a punk band going all soft and pretty on us, right? Especially a punk band like Rancid? But before you brush it off as not possible, hunt up this hard to find track from Rancid. A few years ago, the band was in Seattle for a show, and the local modern rock station invited them in for an in studio performance. Unlike Bad Religion, who blew the speakers out during their performance, Rancid opted to go for something they’d never tried before. The result was a stripped down performance that proved that behind all the screaming and stomping was a band with actual musical ability. “Red Hot Moon” sounds good plugged in or acoustic, but the acoustic version is my favorite.

“Hip Hip Chin Chin” Das Belugas – There’s something about salsa dancing that’s just supremely sexy. “Hip Hip Chin Chin” is a spunky little number, but when paired with a samba (as you can see by clicking on the video down below) it goes from spunky to spicy.

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