Contest round-up: October

Oh, Friday. Friday Friday Friday. Ever have one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come fast enough? This week was one of them. This Friday is particularly welcome, because not only do I have a three-day weekend planned, but I just found out Natsuo Kirino (author of Out) has a new book coming out. Or at least, the English translation will be available. January 2013! Woo!

Anyway. Looking for some pitch contests? There’s a bunch on tap for the month of October:

Jamie Corrigan is having a face off between two Corvisiero Literary agents, Brittany Booker and Jordy Albert. Three lines, 50 finalists, and Brittany and Jordy will duke it out over your submissions. Full details here.

The fantabulous Brenda Drake (or the Contest Maven, as I’m going to end up calling her) is having a few contests in October. You can pitch her publisher, Month9Books, starting October 1. She’s having a Halloween-ish contest beginning the 24th. And there’s some super secret contest/bloghop that she hasn’t posted details on yet.

Becca Weston has details on a new YA pitch contest. I’m currently suffering from YA overload (SO.MUCH.YA.) but I’m posting this one because Becca’s sample is funny, and I like funny.

This one is HUGE. Harper Voyager, HarperCollins’s sci-fi/fantasy imprint, is accepting unagented submissions for the first time in over ten years. From October 1 through October 14, submit your completed and polished manuscript, and you just might get to be the next big name from Harper Voyager. Be sure to note not only the genres accepted, but the word count.

And then we’ve got the one I’m looking forward to the most: Authoress Anonymous’s Third Annual Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction. Thirteen agents bidding for YOUR submissions. The whole process starts at the end of October, starting with the first adult submission window (she’ll take 100 entries). There are four windows total: two adult (100 entries per window) and two YA/MG (middle grade; 150 entries per window). Sixty entries will make it into the auction. There’s a log line critique lottery before the contest starts, if you’re wanting feedback on your log line before the contest opens. There’s also an entry fee ($10), but she does state it’s the only one of her contests she charges an entry fee for. I mean, c’mon. You make it in, you’ve got the chance to get your query in front of 13 different agents. You could be the center of a bidding war. How is that not an ego booster?

Baker’s Dozen too much pressure? She’s also got her regular Secret Agent contest for the month. I vaguely remember seeing the agent is Victoria Marini, but the details haven’t been posted yet, so I could be wrong.

Want something right now? The last bit of GUTGAA goodness is happening soon: the Small Press pitch. Deana Barnhart’s got editors from Samhain, Carina Press, Entangled Publishing, and a couple others taking pitches. Submission window is next Friday, September 28th, at 11AM EDT. She’ll take the first 100 pitches, and then the judges will do their judgy thing and narrow it down to 25 finalists, after which the editors extraordinaire will say, yes, I want YOU. You MUST be signed up on the master linky list to participate!

Happy, glorious Friday everyone!

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