My Life in Films

I’m stealing today’s blog topic from Musings From Neville’s Navel. It’s a topic that’s right up my (filmnerd) alley, so I hope you enjoy!

Films That Remind Me Of Childhood

The He-Man and She-Ra movie. I can’t remember what it’s called, but every time we went to the video store, I made a beeline for it. After awhile I moved on to the TMNT movies (which, for those of you who are NOT children of the 80’s, stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). I loved those movies. Particularly the second one. It was, after all, the best one.

Films That Defined My Teens

Clueless, anyone? I have a vivid memory of almost not being able to see this because a friend of mine’s mother was quite fearful of the PG-13 rating. Even though I haven’t seen the film in well over a decade (probably closer to two, god I’m getting old) I still love it.

The People vs. Larry Flint stands out in my mind as teen-years defining, if only because it’s the first R rated film I can remember seeing. In the theatre, no less. My dad took me along, and we got some mighty strange looks…to this day I don’t know if it was because of the subject matter or the fact that he was bringing his 15 year old daughter to an R rated film when she likely should have been in school (it was a holiday!)

Films Seen Multiple Times At Theaters

Despite my aforementioned filmnerdiness, it takes a lot for me to see a film multiple times in the theatre. It happens more often with the BF, because I sometimes don’t want to wait for him to be available to see a certain movie, so I go and then go again later. Which is how I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Avengers, and The Hunger Games twice. Also The Lives of Others, which is one of the most incredible films I’d seen in a long time.

First Date Film

Going to the movies is a classic first date. I also think it’s one of the worst ones you can go on. You’re in a dark theatre. You’re not allowed to talk. A first date is supposed to be all about the talking. See the problem here?

Movies, however, make great second dates. The BF and I saw Clerks 2 on our second date, even though he’d never seen the first one and was a bit lost. We also saw Snakes on a Plane fairly early on in our relationship, which was an awesome date movie. Yes, really. It was terrible, but we knew that going in, and afterward we were able to make fun of it for quite a while.

Frankly, it’s hard to pick a good first date movie. My taste is all over the place. I’ve seen action films, dramas, documentaries, everything except a romantic comedy on a first date. The action films were usually the best ones, because you go in expecting a movie with lots of explosions and fight scenes, and you’re rarely disappointed.

Nightmares From Films

Godzilla. The one from 1984. I was five years old when I saw this, and I’ve been terrified of horror movies ever since. I won’t even see Cabin in the Woods, though my friends tell me it’s more B-movie campy horror. I know the BF would love 28 Days Later, but I can’t bring myself to watch it again. I have a love hate relationship with that film. It’s an excellent piece of filmmaking, but it scared the pooh out of me.

Films That Are Guilty Pleasures

Romantic comedies. I can’t seem to stop watching them, but nine times out of ten, they aren’t funny. They’re cute. Cute, in romantic comedies, is usually obnoxious. I want funny. Crazy, Stupid, Love was funny. (500) Days of Summer was hilarious. But those are just two exceptions among the He’s Just Not That Into Yous and Valentine’s Days of the film world. Although I’m pretty sure Clueless could also be categorized as a romantic comedy.

Last Film I Saw At The Theater

The Bourne Legacy. This goes along with my ongoing love affair with all things Jeremy Renner, and while it wasn’t quite up to the usual Bourne snuff, it wasn’t bad. Before that, it was Step Up: Revolution. The dancing was amazing. I would have expected nothing less from director Scott Speer, who’s also the founder and choreographer of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. The acting…let’s just say they could have cut out all the acting and had a much better movie.

Favorite Film No One Else Seems To Know About

Um, hello? I attend the Film Festival every year. This gives me many, many movies to choose from that no one’s ever heard of. You’ve probably heard of my all-time favorite, LA Confidential, but in recent years…hmm. Tyrannosaur? The Interrupters? Soul Kitchen? The King? Frostbite? But I think I’ll have to go with Waking Ned Devine. A not-quite unknown Irish film about a man who wins the national lotto, then promptly dies, it’s the best version of “cute movie”: warm, funny, and suitable for a family movie night.

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