I am Titanium

I don’t know about you, but I’m already having an amazing day. Yeah, it’s Friday, and that’s got something to do with it. The sun is out. I’m going to see Step Up: Revolution tonight (shut up, dance movies rule). But what makes it truly awesome? The finalist results for the Emerald City Opener contest were announced this morning, and Iron Jewel is a finalist in the Paranormal category.

I’d been worried about this story; it is, after all, my NaNo project and needed work. And I know the work isn’t over. But for today? I’m gonna let it ride.


(Sigh. I love that song.)

And with that, The Rubber Duck Brigade is going on another break. No one does anything in the month of August. So I’m going to pretend I’m French or something and spend the month of August recharging my batteries (Ben, I’ll be in touch later today, this gives me plenty of time to read your MS 🙂 )

I’ll be back at the end of the month with my regularly scheduled book post. Toodles!

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