Because You Need A Music Post

Raise your hand if you’re getting a little tired of all the writing posts.

*Raises hand*

Good. Because this is not a post about writing. It’s about…music! Yay music!

Someone please shoot me now. Editing is melting my brain.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and in that time, I’ve collected a few new albums that are just fan-frickin’-tastic, and I had to share.

The Idler Wheel Fiona Apple – It’s not the whole title. The whole title is 25 words long. Also, if you’re expecting another Fiona Apple album, you’ll be…surprised? Disappointed? I’m not sure what makes up a typical Fiona album, because she’s always been unique, and Idler Wheel is no exception. It’s like she’s been listening to a lot of acid jazz, and this, my friends, is a Very Good Thing. Truth be told, I was so ecstatic when I heard she was releasing a new album, I couldn’t have cared less what it sounded like. It was Fiona Apple, and I’d love it no matter what. Thankfully, the album is actually good. “Hot Knife” is as quirky as “Paper Bag” was, and “Jonathan” is just…bizarre. I like bizarre, when it’s Fiona Apple.

Neck of the Woods Silversun Pickups – Again with the unexpected. Or not unexpected. Given the turn Brian Aubert and Company took on Swoon, this album goes deeper down the path, or, har, into the woods. It’s dark, twisty, and sometimes not altogether comfortable, but the results are some of the best tracks they’ve laid down yet. Personal favorites are “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” and “The Pit”.

Cynics New Year Horse Feathers – I’ve had this album for a while. Like the previous two albums, it’s a change for the band, one that resulted in a fuller sound. There’s more percussion (I’m still trying to decide if this is a good thing) but the lyrics are still the same poetic, passionate, and stripped down to bare bones as they’ve always been. Favorite tracks: “Fit Against the Country” and “Last Waltz”.

Nothing But the Beat David Guetta – In my pre-BF years, I (briefly) dated a DJ. One night we were out at a club, and the guy at the turntables was having so much fun, he was dancing along behind them. I swear, the guy never held still. That’s what turned me on to house music, and Beat is a fabulous collection of house tracks. Nothing gets your blood moving like these will, and when you add Snoop Dogg? Seriously. Do I need to say more? Tracks that will get you on your feet: “Sweat” featuring Snoop, and “Titanium” featuring Sia.

Bastion Original Soundtrack Darren Korb – The BF has a vast knowledge of music. He knows more about it than anyone I’ve ever met (but I do think I could give him a run for his money on Steve Slaton’s College of Musical Knowledge). Anyway. His taste occasionally runs to video game soundtracks. He hasn’t played this game, has little desire to (he says the graphics remind him too much of anime), but the soundtrack? The soundtrack is fun. In the game, your character has to go down to a shattered planet and scavenge, bringing back the goods to the last bastion of civilization, the island floating in the sky that the rest of humanity is stuck on. Somehow wasted planet means country themes, and the album has plenty to choose from. How can I, who doesn’t like country music, like these songs? Easy. Country melodies layered over trip-hop beats. Yeah. I like. Try: “The Bottom Feeders” and “Slinger’s Song”.

2 thoughts on “Because You Need A Music Post

  1. What is the song Bloody Mary (Silversun Pickups) about? My daughter put it on a CD that we listened to (many, many times) while driving to Chelan and back, and none of us could figure it out. Cool song, but a little obscure.

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