Contests, pitches, and blogfests, oh my!

There’s plenty out there to choose from…head on over to Savvy Authors for one of the myriad pitch contests happening this month (this week: Lauri Blasch from Black Opal Books and Jill Marsal from the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency). Brenda Lee Drake is hosting a 35 word pitch contest so you can entangle an editor at Entangled Publishing, happening next Monday the 16th…and at the same time you can pitch your book to Laurie McLean of Larsen Pomada over on Savvy Authors.

Want to increase your blog traffic? You might want to try this blogfest, which I found out about thanks to Ben of Story Multiverse. I kinda want to do it so I can use the banner…except I don’t really have time. Sad panda.

And y’all know by now I’m a huge fan of writing contests as another avenue for getting critiques. Here’s one that doesn’t cost you any money, and it’s open to all genres: Win a critique from either the author of Pretty Amy, Lisa Burstein, her editor, Stacy Cantor Adams of Entangled Publishing, or her agent, Susan Finesman of Fine Literary. Another option? To celebrate her blogiversary, Jami Gold is giving away…herself! Leave a comment and she’ll do a drawing to pick a winner (or two) and that lucky reader will win…something. You choose. She has a few ideas up, and personally I’d go for the critique. I’ve used her super helpful writing tips in the past and even asked for some personal help at one point (and she took pity on me and gave it to me).

And for those of you who need motivation, read this post. Stopping with the links now, I promise. Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Contests, pitches, and blogfests, oh my!

  1. Thanks for the link, Amanda! And would you believe we’re up to at least 3 winners now (and halfway to reaching the 4 winners mark!) on my Blogiversary contest? Ack! 🙂

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