A Request for Romance Novelists Everywhere

A conversation with the BF, in the voice of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons:

“Erm, your writing is solid, and your plot is interesting, but your main male character…his hair is the wrong length. We can’t publish your story. Thank yeewww.”

This is what happens when you’re trapped in a car with a nerd who likes to poke fun at romance novels (his name for Nalini Singh’s latest? Tangle of Facial Hair).

On our way to buy furniture for our new place, I updated the BF on the latest on my querying and pitching, and somehow it came up that so many male characters in romance and urban fantasy novels have long hair.

Why is it that long hair on men equals dominant, kick ass now, ask questions later, oh god oh god I have got to climb all over you sexy men? LONG HAIR IS NOT SEXY!

If this guy started ordering me around, I’d probably do whatever he told me.

I don’t have a problem with long-ish, I need a haircut shaggy hair on men. But when it’s long enough to hang in front of your face or pull back in a ponytail, sorry, guys, the hair has to go. No, for me, I want my men with tousled hair that’s just long enough to run my fingers through it. Think Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. That’s the perfect length. Bradley Cooper has some great hair. And then when you put great hair and an accent and the hot body of a soccer player all together in one package, well, you get Sounders FC keeper Michael Gspurning (whom the BF has dubbed Epic Hair Guy). Too bad he wasn’t in the match last night.

Anyway, I want to see a new trend in romance and urban fantasy. Men with great haircuts. Show me those fabulous baby blues. Stop hiding those cheekbones I’d kill for. You’ll still be a bad ass. Just with better hair.

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