Fantasy Casting

I don’t know about you, but my weekend was not long enough. Not by a long shot. I spent a lot of it staring at my laptop, revising query letters, finishing a chapter for Best Served Cold, and wrote a synopsis for Iron Jewel, which drove me absolutely batty. Then came Monday, and between it being extremely busy and trying to come up with snazzy one-line pitches, I’ve been in a cranky mood most of the day.

So to distract myself, I thought about all of my various projects and who would play the main characters in the film version. Even though it’s pure fantasy (because really, if they’re made into films, they’ll be of the Lifetime variety) I had to consider the character when trying to pinpoint the perfect actor for the role. It’s as much about looks as it is acting ability with me. What? Film nerd, right here.

I know some writers might look for visual cues, but when it comes to how my characters look, I rarely have a specific person in mind (there are a few exceptions, which I’ll get to eventually). For my first try at fantasy casting, I picked A Lesson in Vanishing, which seemed fitting, because it’s my first book.

Frankie, the main character, is a very quiet and contained woman who’s falling apart on the inside, someone who’s trying desperately to blend in and not draw attention to herself. As soon as I started thinking of actors, I immediately thought of Michelle Williams. Iadore her. On-screen, she’s often mesmerizing, and I can’t think of any other actor with the range and depth it would take to play Frankie. Plus, she looks like I imagined Frankie would look. Well, she’d need to dye her hair and take up marathon running. But you get the idea.

Peter (the so-called “love interest”) was harder. I’ve never had a clear visual of what he looks like, mostly because it was always about who he was, rather than what he looked like. Peter’s quiet, like Frankie, with an undertone of intensity that he keeps well under wraps. Then I saw The Avengers for the second time this weekend, and got to see the trailer for The Bourne Legacy as well…can you see where I’m going with this? Jeremy Renner, FTW! I love it when a good looking man can actually act his way out of a paper bag, and Renner has two Oscar nods to his credit. Plus, YUM. (Yes, I get a lot of flak from my girlfriends for this. Whatever. Thor was not that hot.)

I hadn’t thought to cast Roger, the creepy stalker guy, but again, The Avengers jogged my thought process along, and Tom Hiddleston, without the disgusting hair, would be perfect. As Loki, he was charming, often slimily so, and desperate. He’s Roger to a T.

Now, I’m going to eat my cookie and pretend Monday is almost over.

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