Another day, another contest…

The first round of results are in for the RWASD’s Spring Into Romance Contest. Finders Keepers, unfortunately, didn’t final. Disappointing, certainly, and a little surprising. But I did receive some great feedback and some positive reinforcement, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

I just wish I could read the comments without giving myself a headache.

I have two score sheets. One judge wrote in pen, the other in pencil. I can read the pen comments with relative ease. Pencil? Not so much. The BF and I have this ongoing war, pencil versus pen. Musicians carry pencils around, to make notes, to change phrases and bars around, all sorts of things (I also imagine when they’re really bored, they engage in pencil fights). It’s been years since I last used a pencil, having had to use pen for work.

So, to all judges of writing contests everywhere, PLEASE make sure your comments are legible. If you absolutely have to use a pencil, make sure it’s sharp and dark enough to read. I would love to take into consideration all the comments you make on my writing. I can’t do that if I can’t read what they are. Just sayin’.

Now, for two more contests:

The FF & P is sponsoring On the Far Side, a contest for writers currently unpublished at novel length (40,000+ words). While the FF & P is a sub-chapter of the Romance Writers of America, it does not appear that your entry need contain romantic elements. You do, however, have to be a current member of the RWA. First twenty pages, submitted electronically, plus an additional two page synopsis, if you wish. Deadline is May 30th. Contest info is here.

The GSRWA (my local chapter of the RWA, or what will be my local chapter, once I get around to joining) is sponsoring the Emerald City Opener Contest. Polish your hook and send in the first seven pages by May 31! This is for romance writers, unlike the FF & P contest, and finalists get a chance to pitch to the agent or editor of their choice at the Emerald City Writers Conference this October. Contest info is here.

Finally, if you’re a writer thinking of looking for representation, you should check out Cupid’s Literary Connection. The blog regularly hosts pitch contests and offers query critiques, and I’m still kicking myself that I missed the most recent pitch contest. Oh well. I signed up for email updates so I won’t miss the next one 🙂

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